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11eyes (Sabino, Unyu, d_fallen_god)

11eyes ~Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo~ 11eyes-罪と罰と贖いの少女-

Foreword I must apologize if I came across as rather sluggish during this interview. I was trying to do two interviews at the same time (for reasons beyond my control) and as you could imagine, it completely threw me off. I am sorry folks


Executive Summary Sabino does anime fansubbing. has a long history with visual novels, going right back to the release of To Heart 1. Unyu is a new editor (briefly an editor for Amaterasu’s Inganock) and d_fallen_god is the hacker AND leader.

11eyes Contact Details

Translators are needed. Please speak to d_fallen_god

[email protected]

The Interview

Interviewees: Unyu, sabino, d_fallen_god

Unyu, sabino, d_fallen_god

<@Aaerul> How long have you guys been on the project?
<Unyu> I’ve been part of the project since the 12th<Sabino> For me and fallen_god, we’ve been around since… beginning of July I think?
<Sabino> so, about 2 months and a bit

<@Aaerul> and have any of you worked on previous VN projects before this one? or anything translation related
<Unyu> I was briefly an editor for Amaterasu’s translation of Inganock
<Sabino> No VN projects but I also did -and currently doing- video translations
<Sabino> right now, I’m translating an anime called Nurarihyon no Mago
<Sabino> at
<Sabino> I also did some amout of translation for stuff like Touhou
<Sabino> let’s see… oldest thing that has my name on it seems to be this
<Unyu> I was briefly an editor for Amaterasu’s translation of Inganock

<@Aaerul> okay and how did you find your way to translating visual novels?
<@Aaerul> were you always a fan of VNs?

<Sabino> I was a fan of VNs since… the To Heart days? … altho I actually wasn’t “old enough” to play those games when I first saw it xDD
<unyu> I was looking through vn projects and saw that the 11eyes project needed an editor

<@Aaerul> so what kind of game is 11eyes.
<@Aaerul> why do you think fans of visual novels would want to play it?

d_fallen_god> well the anime is average…
<Sabino> the ocerall script is “dark”
<d_fallen_god> but the game it self is really good can be compare to F/SN in a way…
<unyu> For me personally I wanted to play it for the art and premise
<Sabino> I’d say, altho it’s not as mainstream like fate, and doesn’t use the writing style really distinctly like Nasu-
<Sabino> it’s still a worthwhile VN if you like the occultistic, magic/real life sort of concept

<@Aaerul> anyone here translate for a different reason?
<Sabino> I’m a fan of it, but personally, I think it needs to be realized a bit more
<d_fallen_god> yea… they may misunderstand the story of 11eyes because of the anime…

<unyu> I’m not necessarily a fan but am highly interested
<Sabino> people (on 4chan) say “Oh, but I heard it wasn’t even so good.”
<Sabino> when they haven’t even played it

<Sabino> I think people can decide whether it’s good or not, after they play it
<@Aaerul> in otherwords, give the VN a chance

<@Aaerul> who is more or less, the leader of the group?
<Sabino> I guess fallen_god since he takes care of a whole lot of stuff that I can’t even manage xD
<Sabino> he’s seriously an awsome multitasker who can complete everything xDD
<d_fallen_god> oi oi XD

<Sabino> hahaha xD

<@Aaerul> where can I contact you (in the future)?
<Sabino> all of us have email as well as blogs…

<d_fallen_god> and IMs
<Sabino> hey, fallen_god, you think you can add a forum on the thule society page?
<Sabino> I think that’ll make it easier for outsiders to contact us about 11 eyes and such

<@Aaerul> thank you so much for your time
<@Aaerul> I wish you guys all the best with the project


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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13 years ago

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13 years ago

hmm~ 11eyes~ yes this is one of a good VN, and if people kind of making a quick judgment just because of anime, they’re wrong then, well just my opinion~
good jobs for the team again~ and wish all the best with the project~
I’ll always rooting for any translation project and teams!

13 years ago

Well, the VN is the only one I have read from beginning till end, with spoilers read ahead but still fun to read. I noticed some VN fan website didn’t rate this too high simple because it isn’t their genre.