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Osananajimi wa Daitouryou (TinFoil)

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My girlfriend is the President.~ 幼なじみは大統領 My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT.


Foreword This project is on the verge of completion. They are in the QCing phase right now. Please check it out when it is done.

Interesting Tidbits
<TinFoil> Besides the fact that you’re fucking eroge-ified Obama and Putin as Koizumi Junichiro, they keep it surprisingly PC.
<TinFoil> anyway, Spin’s editing isn’t as liberal or free as tlwiki-esque editing

TinFoil’s Contact Details
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Try TinFoil’s discussion page: Or look for TinFoil on IRC irc://

The Interview

Interviewee: TinFoil


<Aaerul> The game was released in october of 2009 and in the same month, the project had already begun. why was there a consensus to
<Aaerul> begin translation so soon after the game’s release? Was it a title you had been anticipating for a while?

<TinFoil> After someone posted the character page imagery for Osadai (specifically of Putina) on /jp/, I looked forward to its release after perusing the game site, but I didn’t have a translation in mind.
<Aaerul> so whose idea was it to translate?
<TinFoil> I played the demo when it came out and was flat out impressed by the fun of the game, and when release time came, VDZ and I uploaded the scripts for shits
<TinFoil> And then Kugyuu started translating.
<TinFoil> And then I found myself a little bored with my current eroge workload.

<Aaerul> current eroge workload. do you mean working on osadai?
<TinFoil> in terms of editing and translation workings
<Aaerul> or do you mean your previous project
<TinFoil> the previous projects I was in basically entered a long haitus, ie: Teinai and I think Total Eclipse
<Aaerul> I see
<TinFoil> gckc was also taking it easy with Sumaga, so I was in chillax mode for a month or so until osadai released
<Aaerul> what is teinai and total eclipse?
<Aaerul> other project’s names I assume
<TinFoil> 天使のいない12月 and MuvLuv: Total Eclipse

<Aaerul> According to 104 votes on erogamescape, osadai got a mean score of 66. Does that affect your motivation to complete the project?
<TinFoil> Short answer: no. Long answer: things like ratings and popularity don’t affect my decisions to get involved in projects, but they do increase a sort of positive pressure to complete

<Aaerul> Is there a lot of racism in the game?
<TinFoil> Besides the fact that you’re fucking eroge-ified Obama and Putin as Koizumi Junichiro, they keep it surprisingly PC.
<TinFoil> In one of the routes however, a reverse Pearl Harbor happens with the USA, and it’s interesting to see how it gets handled.

<TinFoil> Oh yes, and they get a core concept of the American federal government wrong when explaining how Federalism works
<TinFoil> which saddened me

<Aaerul> Most other projects do not have nearly the amount of QC that you guys have.
<Aaerul> What is the difference between editing and quality control? What are some tips you could give to aspiring fan translators?

<TinFoil> Well, there are several types of “editing” that currently goes on, and it sorta depends on style and your knowledge of Japanese
<TinFoil> the first is the Ixrec style of editing, which is actually quality control.
<TinFoil> The second you see when Moogy modifies a lot of Sharin no Kuni – I don’t want to say “rewrite,” but when you compare the original to the edited, lots of things are arranged differently
<TinFoil> that style requires almost translator-tier knowledge of the original, since you have to mirror the writer and all that
<Aaerul> so how does TLC fit into this
<Aaerul> I suppose QC is in a way, TLC
<TinFoil> I try to stay in the middle, since first of all I don’t know much Japanese and have the kanji identification of a newborn, and secondly because of a translator’s personal style
<TinFoil> gckc, Ixrec, and Kugyuu all have their own “way” of translating, and I try to keep the flavor that they inject into their translations
<TinFoil> gckc for example is very free and is the epitome of 80s-90s culture, while Ixrec is a stickler for what he first decided
<TinFoil> as for TLC, uh
<TinFoil> they just exist to make sure you’re actually translating correctly
<TinFoil> Quality Control people make sure that things don’t sound really odd and do spell/grammarcheck
<TinFoil> yeah, I found that the best way as a TLC is to write those swaths of “original intent” explanations that then00bavenger does with G-Sen
TinFoil> because you just correct the original and leave suggestions for editors to do their stuff
<TinFoil> yeah, like what vibe the original writer had in the line and stuff

<Aaerul> Do you have a release timeframe for the project now that it is in its final stages?
TinFoil> Release timeframes on such a casual project like this is pretty vain
<TinFoil> sometimes things pop up irl, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything for a week
<TinFoil> it’s sorta like 1.5x Wanko to Kurasou
<TinFoil> in terms of length

(Post Interview chatter)

<TinFoil> and the individual projects on TLWiki aren’t so much of groups a la fansubbing, but like a conglomerate of project-hopping individuals
<Aaerul> That is true.
<Aaerul> TLWiki is a very diffirent culture than the people I am speaking to
<Aaerul> the guys outside are usually much less talkative, and they mostly work alone

<TinFoil> piroko is from Ayako Fansubs if you want to go hit him up too
<TinFoil> as is Moogy, but that’s a looong time ago
<Aaerul> piroko is the other guy doing Osadai?
<TinFoil> yeah, he’s the new QC person dude
<TinFoil> oh and about the Amaterasu/Ixrec version of editing
<TinFoil> I understand Sheeta is more liberal and Ixrec is more accepting of her edits, so my comments were about my stint with muvluv extra and Spin/Raide/whoever’s edits

Thank you for the interview TinFoil. Hope you guys enjoy it.


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13 years ago

got new knowledge on few things about the works~ this is useful so big thanks~
another good job for the teams on translating osadai! :3
just one sentence: can’t wait for the release~!
once more, big appreciation and big thanks~

13 years ago

This must be the fastest translation progress I’ve ever seen! I just saw the progress of this project it stated that the script were now 100% translated and edited. Its now in Quality Control phase. 0.0

13 years ago

Aww… C’mon, TinFoil! Calling me the “new QC person dude”. D:

Well, I’ll go back to QC’ing and stop browsing the web. :V