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Gore Screaming Show (Necrosis)

Gore Screaming Show


Foreword According to Erogamescape, games such as Gore Screaming Show and Dustmania are categorized as Horror AND Violence Splatter (バイオレンス・スプラッター). For short, I had decided to just call them ‘dark eroge’ OR ‘guro games’. This was an extremely interesting interview and izmos was right when he said I should be asking for the guy’s motivation behind what he does. The interview went for quite a bit (one hour interview) but I think it was worth it. I encourage readers to check it out.

Interesting Tidbits
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The Interview


Interviewee: Necrosis

<Aaerul> When did you first become fascinated with “dark eroge”? How long have you been playing these games?

<Necrosis> Within the confines of eroge, it started playing as far back around ’99, the second title I played was Divi-Dead which got me hooked into dark myserious atmospheres.

<Aaerul> ah black-cyc stuff is it?

<Necrosis> no, I didnt learn of black-cyc till about 2 years ago

<Aaerul> were there other people doing the same as you?

<Necrosis> It wasnt the same back then as it is now, not a whole lot is was available.

<Necrosis> Eventually I got addicted to mmos and didnt touch eroge for a long time

<Necrosis> So it happened in 2008 from the looks of it, someone told me about Saya no Uta.

<Necrosis> And that sucked me right back in

<Necrosis> For me, it’s still the best story I’ve ever experienced.

<Necrosis> At this point, I’ve also been studying japanese at college and at home

<Aaerul> and when did you start on dustmania?

<Necrosis> thats a weird one actually

<Necrosis> My first visit to the hongfire torrent forums, it was the first random thread I clicked on the first page by chance

<Necrosis> And it just happened to be dustmania

<Aaerul> id understand someone picking it up to play it at that point

<Aaerul> but what made you go so far as translate it

<Necrosis> So it had to have been when it recently came out, probably in early 2009

<Necrosis> well, there was two reasons

<Necrosis> At this point, I had discovered AGTH that allowed me to actually look up everything I was seeing on the screen. Whether it was through a shitty translator, a dictionary, or just mecab to get the furigana readings on kanji (I suck at kanji)

<Necrosis> at the time Dustmania came out, there was no AGTH hook for it, so I couldnt get it to work.

<Necrosis> So I just played through the beginning trying to understand it, and eventually just started skipping through just to enjoy the CG

<Necrosis> It was short and intense, and yet I didnt understand the “plot” it was using to piece the events together

<Necrosis> But I moved on at this point to play my first Black-Cyc game, Gun-Katana.

<Necrosis> That game happened to have a song I liked in it, so my search went on to find tools that can rip it. That led me to finding crass. And using crass got me interested in using it on Dustmania since I remembered the CGs it had.

<Aaerul> I see

<Necrosis> So while extracting everything in Dustmania, I noticed the script files… at this point there still was no AGTH hook made known

<Necrosis> So I thought, I could go through the game now line by line, but if I go that far, I may as well replace the text and then I’d have a translation

<Necrosis> In other words, it was nothing more than a whim

<Necrosis> In my case, I still had difficulty with the text. And this was never some announced thing, which gave me the luxury of doing it as half assed as I wanted

<Necrosis> And I thought it amusing to take every last letter and romanize it, every squeek and moan

<Necrosis> yes, I looked back at the original today and I could retranslate it properly if I wanted to

<Necrosis> I still think about doing that, because it wouldn’t take too long and I just have some bizzare fascination with that game and it’s story

<Necrosis> as far as a “nukige” story goes anyways

<Necrosis> While I dont remember most of the names of the Guro manga I’ve read, the best ones always had immortality in there

<Necrosis> Part of the problem is that real guro eroge are almost non-existant

<Aaerul> hm?

<Necrosis> Yes, black-cyc has alot of games with it, but usually it’s nothing more than a scene or an ending

<Necrosis> Nobody ever focuses on that specifically, as the centerpiece everything else revolves around

<Aaerul> can you explain the term ‘real guro’ to a person who isn’t well acquainted…?

<Aaerul> such as myself

<Necrosis> Sure

<Necrosis> First off, guro is short for grotesque. In the context I use it in, it refers most specifically to mutilation as a result of some action like torture.

<Necrosis> While someone getting disfigured in combat would qualify, to me it’s not the same.

<Necrosis> So for me specifically, it’s about one person intentionally hurting another, unconsentually, to an extreme.

<Aaerul> and you say that is rare in these sorts of games

<Necrosis> Yes, and it’s often hindered more by a unique aspect I see in japanese media

<Necrosis> I’ll try to explain

<Necrosis> I have an interest in BDSM (bondage etc), but more specifically, I’m not interested in consentual activities between two people who trust each other.

<Necrosis> It’s about one person being forced into a situation they dont want to be in, and having no choice.

<Necrosis> Now the problem that japanese writers seem to do

<Necrosis> More times than not, when a girl is put in a situation like this, even if she’s being raped now that I think about it, at some point they suddenly start enjoying it.

<Necrosis> That always sets me off

<Aaerul> it reminds me of porn

<Aaerul> you have to fap to it

<Necrosis> :>

<Necrosis> But in the end, when I think of something as “real” guro or rape or bondage, I think of it in a sense where the character NEVER enjoys it at any point

<Aaerul> what about in gore screaming show

<Necrosis> GSS’s guro was basically the endings, as far back as I can remember

<Necrosis> It’s not the actual focus, but being used as an end, it does work well. Of course, the only downside with that is it ends at that point.

<Necrosis> The story doesnt continue on from that scene, so that kind of leaves me empty in a way, but thats what a BAD END is supposed to do (IMO anyways)

<Necrosis> Black Cyc are known for having many bad ends, yes

<Aaerul> right.

<Necrosis> Black Cyc titles, to me, are more about the dark stories they tend to tell

<Necrosis> I think the best medium for guro, just guro as the focus, is in the form of short nukige.

<Necrosis> Which just brings me back to Dustmania and how perfectly it fit so many of my criteria

<Necrosis> There was one more thing that I dont care for that happens all the time

<Necrosis> Everyone’s always having sex or being raped

<Aaerul> ??

<Necrosis> Why cant someone be tortured without having to be fucked at some point during the process

<Aaerul> what

<Aaerul> but then it wouldnt be an ero-scene

<Necrosis> not by conventional definitions

<Necrosis> the torture is my ero-scene, sex actually just gets in the way of my enjoyment

<Necrosis> Trying to think if there’s an easy way to explain it

<Aaerul> I don’t think there is,

<Aaerul> but that’s a pretty interesting outlook

<Necrosis> In a nut shell, I have very little interst in sex scenes.

<Aaerul> did you enjoy highschool of the dead?

<Aaerul> you probably wouldn’t

<Necrosis> I have been enjoying it actually, that and Shiki

<Aaerul> ah

<Necrosis> I’m hoping with those turn out popular enough that we may be seeing more darker stuff in the future airing instead of everything being just moeblob mainstream stuff

<Necrosis> Guro aside, dark plots and environments are still great.

<Aaerul> before we leave the topic of gore screaming show

<Aaerul> on the front page, someone wrote “”It needs to be done. Period.”


<Necrosis> Yea, I noticed that. I didnt write it.

<Aaerul> oh you didn’t

<Necrosis> I think I understand why it was written though

<Necrosis> It’s probably a double meaning

<Aaerul> right.

<Necrosis> To the people who KNOW the game, they will never find the hype justified by the people who THINK they know the game

<Necrosis> It’s not some crazy gore murder spree of epic proportions that it’s often made out to be

<Necrosis> Those who dont know think it needs to be done just because they believe it to be so epic, while those who do know think it needs to be done to shut them up once and for all.

<Necrosis> If that makes sense

<Aaerul> yes

<Aaerul> although before the interview

<Aaerul> I was reading this

<Aaerul> absolutely glowing interview of GSS


<Necrosis> yea, I once read that review too

<Necrosis> I personally enjoyed GS

<Necrosis> GSS*

<Aaerul> but you are not the one translating it? (GSS)

<Aaerul> Is squirrellord your translation partner or something?

<Necrosis> Not quite

<Necrosis> I recently started on the project

<Necrosis> I’m not familiar with the names, but someone started the GSS project on TLWiki

<Necrosis> but the translations up to where the project stalled were apparently machine translations

<Necrosis> I’m going through the beginning right now and actually have to redo most of that

<Aaerul> Then what about Shitai o Arau


<Necrosis> That was intended to be my side-project while I wait for another game called 3M

<Necrosis> that is a project I started

<Necrosis> And for awhile I didnt have access to the script files, until kingshriek finally came around and got them for me

<Necrosis> and then I realized it was 36,701 lines

<Aaerul> do you prefer to work alone or would you not mind working with others?

<Necrosis> I have no preference one way or the other, but it may be more in the motivation

<Necrosis> If people are sending me donations for working on something that I’m doing alone, great

<Necrosis> But if I’m part of a team and the same is happening, then it can lead to some awkward situations

<Aaerul> hm

<Aaerul> you dont have to answer this but

<Aaerul> do you actually get donations?

<Necrosis> I have actually, and it’s only because I started on GSS

<Aaerul> that mustve got /jp/ excited

<Necrosis> It’s actually the reason I started the website, up until the point 3M was shed to light

<Necrosis> I was simply underground

<Aaerul> you didn’t have a presence at hongfire even

<Necrosis> I have no interest in e-peen and all that stuff, I do what I do because I wanted to

<Necrosis> correct, I think I registered just to post Dustmania when it was translated

<Necrosis> never got announced

<Necrosis> and then I went back to playing more eroge, I have a massive list of specific games I want to finish and keep trying to chip away at it

<Aaerul> I see

<Necrosis> it was izmos that discovered 3M and that got me motivated again

<Necrosis> because I’ve thought of translating black cyc games

<Necrosis> but they can take me over a month just to PLAY through

<Necrosis> so the thought of how long a translation project would take was a concern

<Necrosis> because I do work, and I do still go to school, my free time is rather limited

<Necrosis> So at that point I just stuck to playing

<Necrosis> But when 3M came out, it looked like the next Dustmania so I figured it would be worth it

<Necrosis> It was supposed to come out during c78 earlier this year but got bumped back

<Necrosis> All I know right now is October or later

<Necrosis> I figured if I started a webpage, I can stick a donation button, and there people into this stuff would be happy to have someone doing such a niche game no other translator would touch

<Necrosis> So I started the site and played the waiting game, and came across Shitai o Arau

<Necrosis> I liked it alot, and I figured what I would do is start Shitai until 3M came out, switch to 3M until it was done, then go back to Shitai

<Necrosis> so one project turned to two

<Necrosis> I had almost a thousand lines translated by the time I learned of the real line count of the game

<Necrosis> and mind you, this is a game nobody really knows about

<Necrosis> So then I had to think

<Necrosis> If I continue with this, it’s a large project thats not going to have much interest from others

<Necrosis> (donation wise, means I dont get squat!)

<Necrosis> At those lengths, I may as well look at black cyc games which DO have a large interest

<Necrosis> So I decided that since I wasnt invested in Shitai yet, I’d go ahead and just work on GSS and see what happens

<Aaerul> black cyc are more well known

<Aaerul> but we’re talking about a Smidgen of an audience here.

<Aaerul> A Smidgen**

<Necrosis> yep, it’s a small niche

<Necrosis> And the demand from the people in that niche who do want it is pretty high

<Aaerul> well youre motivated for a good cause

<Aaerul> I hope people send you the money

<Aaerul> You hear guys? Donations to Necrosis!

<Necrosis> Thanks, the ultimate goal is to get that espresso machine!

<Necrosis> I’m a major coffee freak

<Necrosis> And once you start roasting your own coffee, you’re in a completely different league. There is no going back.

<Aaerul> any last words for fans of these games? (or would-be fans)

<Necrosis> Yea, if you’re interested in GSS, keep an eye on my site. I’ll be posting periodic updates as I progress. When the first route is translated, a patch will be made so it can be played.

<Aaerul> awesome

<Aaerul> that seems like everything

<Necrosis> I’m sure you’ll have fun editing all that 😛

<Aaerul> Thanks a ton

Session Time: Fri Sep 17 00:00:00 2010

Great one hour interview. Necrosis is quite the talkative man but he says some interesting things. Please support Necrosis through your donations. These sorts of games do not ever appear in English unless Necrosis or (to a lesser extent) Squirrellord translates them. And I know of no other guro games’ translators. Please support!


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13 years ago

(Aaerul) on the front page, someone wrote “”It needs to be done. Period.”

Oh lol. I was the one who wrote that.

My regards to Necrosis… I haven’t had the time to check the newly translated lines, but hope you have improved since Dustmania, because that one looked like you ran it thru Google Translate and then hastily edited it to make it human readable.