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Seinarukana (Phlebas & echoMateria)

Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-聖なるかな -The Spirit of Eternity Sword2-

Foreword Phlebas and echoMateria are both long time veterans in the scene. As part of Dakkodango, Phlebas and Cheese translated Tears to Tiara. Then echoMateria joined up to help as image editor for Eien no Aselia. Now they have the sequel, Seinarukana up on TLWiki as their current project. Nighteye159 is the translator.

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Phlebas & echoMateria
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Speak to Phlebas or echoMateria on IRC

The Interview

Phlebas & echoMateria

<Aaerul> What got you into fan translation? and How did Dakkodango begin?
<~echoMateria> he was drunk and didn’t know any better
<@Phlebas> well it started as cheese’s one-man project, and I was the first one with enough committment to join as editor. I had too much free time at the time and wanted to do something better with it than just wait for projects to finish. I had playtested some games before and found out I’m pretty good at spotting mistakes
<@Phlebas> or that
<@Phlebas> it was fall of 2008
<Aaerul> first post aug 2008
<Aaerul> a lot of people got their start in 2008
<Aaerul> for some reason
<Aaerul> its pretty interesting
<@Phlebas> after Tears to Tiara there was a bit of a break after which I managed to persuade cheese to tl EnA, which also happened to be one of echo’s favorites so we secured an essential image editor for it (for  ~2.5k images to edit, wouldn’t have been possible without)
<Aaerul> 2.5k images!
<@Phlebas> about same as seinarukana, incidentally
<Aaerul> and who was the image editor guy?
[00:03] <@Phlebas> though EnA’s were probably harder?
[00:03] <@Phlebas> uh, echo

<Aaerul> so it was just you, cheese and echo
<Aaerul> all along? for 2 whole projects?

<@Phlebas> well 1st was basically just cheese and me
<@Phlebas> there were a couple others that did small tasks
<@Phlebas> like subbing opening
<@Phlebas> and proofreading some of the script
<@Phlebas> but didn’t stick for long
<@Phlebas> 2nd was cheese echo and me yeah

<Aaerul> Eien no Aselia had a pretty good setting and nice character development.
<Aaerul> Battle can drag on and on and the sprites and music were not so good. What changes in the combat system have they made to the sequel?
<Aaerul> Are there less guys to fight? A common complaint was that you had to fight many many weak opponents in the first game.

<@Phlebas> the main difference is that EnA takes place on one large map where you wage a long campaign, in Seinarukana there are several different worlds and essentially every mission has a map of its own which you ‘clear’ once
<@Phlebas> there are some differences to the combat itself too of course
<Aaerul> I see
<@Phlebas> EnA’s was simpler but generally more challenging, while seinarukana’s is more ‘fun’ with lots of options
<@Phlebas> but also easier on the long run

<Aaerul> what about the interface?

<Aaerul> is it less clicky now?
<@Phlebas> hmm, well map movement’s easier

<Aaerul> in every way I see it, it is still a Dakkodango project, (the 2nd game)
<Aaerul> What was the reason for the move to TLWiki
<Aaerul> and why did you drop the Dakkodango label?

<@Phlebas> well dakkodango’s essentially cheese’s project
<@Phlebas> and he’s not translating seinarukana
<@Phlebas> so

<Aaerul> Are you looking for more helpers right now?
<@Phlebas> hmm not in particular
<@Phlebas> I like keeping things simple

<Aaerul> “we are in the process of translating Seinarukana – Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 for our own enjoyment and the benefit of those who got the Seinarukana Special Package for Eien no Aselia.”
<Aaerul> At the end of the day, what is in it for you that motivates you to slog it through years of hard work so that these projects come to fruition?

<@Phlebas> hmm, well everyone has their reasons, I like it when people enjoy the end result
<~echoMateria> working on proects like this helps us to practice our skills, like for example I got so better at using photoshop and learned so much while working on all the projects I did
<@Phlebas> good point, it’s also language training for me, had forgotten about that objective hehe
<~echoMateria> and it is good to have the games we like being playable by more people

<Aaerul> do you consider yourselves SRPG fans first and foremost, or visual novel fans?
<@Phlebas> I know there are people who strongly dislike SRPGs or anything with gameplay, but I like the whole general field
<@Phlebas> gameplay or not



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13 years ago

Seinarukana! have been waiting for this! And I enjoy Eien no Aselia before, so when this come out, I’m sure to enjoy Seinarukana.
wish the best for the project, I hope it gets released soon, you guys rock!
Rooting for your good job! oh, and one more things: all hail Narukana-sama~~

12 years ago

Sorry, not to pressure you guys or anything but are you guys still translating Seinarukana? If so where can I find an update page? ^_^