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Foreword This is a fantastic interview for people who would like to help out with the scene but don’t know where to start. Me and Spin speak about new editors, how they can start out, and Spin gave advice for newcomers. If you want to try your hand at fan translation anything, please check out the interview. If you have problems, ask us questions. We will try our best to answer them.

Interesting Tidbits
Spin569874123 is currently meant to be working on a total of 7 projects. But since over half of them are stalled right now, Spin only does the editing for the active ones.

Spin569874123’s Contact Details

“You can contact me at [email protected] on MSN, Spin569874123 on AIM, or query Spin569874123 in IRC. I’m usually on #Ammy, #princesslover, and #tlwiki in Rizon, and #wankOTL in IRCHighway.” – Spin

The Interview


<Aaerul> How did you get started working in the fan translation scene as an editor?
<Aaerul> you do mostly editing right?
<Spin569874123> only editing
<Spin569874123> I started working as an editor since I wanted to help the scene in any way I could
<Spin569874123> but since I can’t tl, hack, or edit pics, editing was my only choice

<Aaerul> what VNs did you play that made you commit to editing?
<Aaerul> i mean, commit to the scene
<Aaerul> what drew you into VNs ‘to the point’ that you want to help out

<Spin569874123> well, I discovered VNs cause of anime
<Spin569874123> I was a late bloomer for that, having only discovered it 4 years ago
<Spin569874123> I was rushing into it trying to catch up, when I saw Kanon
<Spin569874123> and Air
<Spin569874123> those lead me to discover the projects, which led me to One
<Spin569874123> (Kanon) …was great too
<Spin569874123> I teared a little during the Makoto scene
<Spin569874123> if it ended there, I would have been happy
<Spin569874123> the Makoto Scene, refering to the one where she 1,1 disappears

<Aaerul> how come you juggle so many different projects at the same time?
<Spin569874123> heh
<Spin569874123> “how come” or “how can you?”
<Aaerul> both
<Spin569874123> for the first then,
<Spin569874123> I was asked to join each and every one of those projects listed on my tlwiki page except for the Amaterasu Translations ones
<Spin569874123> including Shirotesume
<Spin569874123> personally asked*
<Spin569874123> me being me, I can’t say “no”
<Spin569874123> so that’s why I’m listed in so many
<Spin569874123> regarding “how can I,” well…
<Spin569874123> I am actually a busy person irl, so I can’t really handle them all at once
<Spin569874123> luckily, a good portion aren’t as active as YU-NO or MuvLuv
<Spin569874123> actually, I guess that’s unluckily, in the perspective of the VN reader
<Aaerul> its probably a good idea to shed a few of the projects off
<Aaerul> if you focus your work to one or two, you can get heaps done
<Aaerul> and the other members can count on you more
<Spin569874123> I would, but it’s unneeded at this point because like I said, half are kinda stalled/dead
<Spin569874123> although, for a few, I can singlehandedly stall them if I choose(Yosuga no Sora to name one)
<Spin569874123> Yes, I’m talking to you /jp/
[15:45] <Spin569874123> lol, just wanted to get that in

01[15:46] <Aaerul> you can stall them?
[15:46] <Spin569874123> well, I’ll answer that real quick
[15:46] <Spin569874123> yea, I can stall a few, like Yosuga, Princess Lover, 11eyes
[15:46] <Spin569874123> Rewrite trial
[15:46] <Spin569874123> all unlisted on my tlwiki page
[15:47] <Spin569874123> well, lemme say it like this
[15:48] <Spin569874123> with editing for those projects, the team/translator doesn’t feel like it’s good enough to be made public
[15:48] <Spin569874123> without editing*
[15:48] <Spin569874123> and since I’m the sole editor for those
[15:48] <Spin569874123> basically, if I do nothing, I’m stalling it

01[15:49] <Aaerul> it’s strange how there are so few editors
01[15:49] <Aaerul> there could easily be so much more of them

[15:49] <Spin569874123> yea, it really is ironic
[15:49] <Spin569874123> there used ot be so few translators, and so many editors only last year
[15:56] <Spin569874123> I personally believe that editing isn’t about TLCing and w/e, but just making the text flow right in English

01[15:56] <Aaerul> And have you ever been reprimanded for your editing work?
[15:57] <Spin569874123> the only critique of my editing style is that I don’t change enough
[15:58] <Spin569874123> I tend to trust the translators, like Ixrec and Phar, so I don’t feel that I should change every sentence or something
[15:59] <Spin569874123> people complaing about over adaptation or not being “true” to the source all the time
[15:59] <Spin569874123> so I feel like they should be happy
[15:59] <Spin569874123> that I don’t overly edit or adapt that is
[16:00] <Spin569874123> people are always complaining*
01[16:00] <Aaerul> as in, theyre complaining its not literal enough?
01[16:01] <Aaerul> they want the full on, raw thing
01[16:01] <Aaerul> the original japanese meaning as much as possible

[16:01] <Spin569874123> yea, I see /jp/ complaining about that all the time
[16:01] <Spin569874123> “This isn’t what the author wanted. This is just an adaptation of the story.”

<Aaerul> now that you mention it
<Aaerul> TLWiki is a LOT about making noble and worthy translations of japanese works
<Aaerul> it does seem a bit nonsensical for us to be assuming the ‘will of the author’ when we are not even acknowledged legally
01[16:03] <Aaerul> like how Moogy given up on Subarashiki Hibi because
01[16:03] <Aaerul> he thought he won’t be able to do a good enough job to respect the maker
[16:03] <Spin569874123> that’s bs
[16:03] <Spin569874123> lol
[16:04] <Spin569874123> he just didn’t have the balls
[16:04] <Spin569874123> for lack of a better phrase

01[16:05] <Aaerul> Can you say a word to the fans that want to help but don’t know where to help?
[16:05] <Spin569874123> oh, that’s a perfect question for me
[16:05] <Spin569874123> well, first, to all you fans out there
[16:05] <Spin569874123> do NOT believe that you’re going to just join a project thinking that it’s easy and won’t take much time
[16:06] <Spin569874123> it is rigorous and will tire you out very quickly
[16:07] <Spin569874123> it may not be time consuming, but, it requires tenacity
[16:07] <Spin569874123> you may be on a project for months
[16:07] <Spin569874123> also, just a protip
[16:08] <Spin569874123> it’s not quite as fun as you think, if you’re an editor anyway, because you won’t be reading the pristine text that comes out at the end
[16:08] <Spin569874123> you’ll be getting the raw translation that may or may not be Engrishy
[16:08] <Spin569874123> however, if you would still like to join the community after knowing this, I welcome you with open arms
[16:09] <Spin569874123> to start, first, know what position you can do, as in editor, translator, image editor, or hacker
01[16:09] <Aaerul> and I want to add, there is a lot of demand for a good editor with very good english right now. because a lot of us translators are not perfectly fluent.
01[16:09] <Aaerul> so don’t think you will be useless. you will be a massive boon to those teams
[16:09] <Spin569874123> yea, that’s very true

[16:10] <Spin569874123> being an editor this year onward is definitely harder than it was one or two years ago
01[16:10] <Aaerul> why so?
[16:10] <Spin569874123> because now, we’re getting people interested in translating, even though they’re not native English speakers
[16:10] <Spin569874123> like you said
01[16:11] <Aaerul> so you mean being an editor is easier than it was one/two years ago
[16:11] <Spin569874123> also, because the community has grown so much, people are expecting quality releases instead of just *a* release
[16:11] <Spin569874123> no, it’s harder because you either have great English, or you just won’t cut it
01[16:12] <Aaerul> but to me, I still feel like we’re getting a trickle of a release every now and then.
01[16:12] <Aaerul> rather than a flood of them
01[16:12] <Aaerul> yes great english is a must
[16:12] <Spin569874123> well, if you look on vndb
[16:12] <Spin569874123> half of the English tled VNs on there, were released in the last two years
[16:12] <Spin569874123> more than that even, I think
[16:12] <Spin569874123> that’s more in the last two years than the last 4+ years combined
01[16:14] <Aaerul> so it is actually ramping up.
01[16:14] <Aaerul> that’s pretty interesting
[16:14] <Spin569874123> yea, the community is finally growing

01[16:18] <Aaerul> is there anything else you want to say to the fans?
[16:19] <Spin569874123> hmm
[16:19] <Spin569874123> well, I didn’t get to finish the “how to join the community” thing I was saying
[16:19] <Spin569874123> lol, I’ll just finish that now, and you can add that into the middle of that section
01[16:19] <Aaerul> ok
[16:20] <Spin569874123> once you know what position you can, and want to do, go to tlwiki’s site
[16:21] <Spin569874123> that’s a great spot to put your foot in the door because most “real” translation groups, already have their members, unless you get lucky like me and fine one that’s first forming
[16:22] <Spin569874123> just start working on a project on tlwiki if you’re an editor, starting one if you’re a translator, or asking if they need help, if you’re a hacker/image editor
[16:23] <Spin569874123> believe me, if you’re bad, you’ll be told so, and there’s nothing you can do but just improve by asking what’s wrong and why
[16:23] <Spin569874123> if you’re good though, that’s great, so long as you have the drive and finish one project, you should be accepted into one of the “real” translation groups I mentioned above
[16:24] <Spin569874123> not that I’m implying that tlwiki doesn’t have real translators and workers or anything
[16:24] <Spin569874123> it’s just a different experience
[16:25] <Spin569874123> but anyway, once you’re set on helping the community, just join the project you want, and most likely, you’ll be accepted
[16:25] <Spin569874123> (end)

Thanks for doing the interview Spin. Lots of rare info.


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