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Micchi now following me on Twitter! Aishiteiru yo~

Two doujin novels caught my eye. In Paka Plus your girlfriends turns into an Alpaca and in Soraneko the protagonist becomes a girl. Both are Comiket80 releases.

Mashiro-iro Symphony Wind of Silk manga goes up for sale on 26/08. More Sana goodness.

Some of my latest eroge news got stolen by Micchi. See his last entry. I wonder where he gets his info and lines them up pretty like that… especially release announcements and delays.

Ensemble releases the first teaser trailer for their 4th game, Otome ga tsumugu koi no canvas (乙女が紡ぐ恋のキャンバス). They also announced an FD for their existing game, Damatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare (site) which sold quite well.

Update: Peassoft announces FD to Ama Ane titled Amakan. Their selling point is: lots of ecchi…

Visual Arts ports some eroge to the Blu-ray format.
Noteworthy titles include Kanon and Sayonara o Oshiete. Quoting Stranger from gemot forums:
BD is far better then DVD for making VN-play discs. The DVD was very limited. With BD you can have the same experience that you have on the PC (including saving data), the text won’t be timed but will move when you click a button. And unlike the console (PS3) games, the BD won’t need to be vetted by Sony!
Not to mention huge tachi-e if you play on a decent sized screen. I support! 

Another rare visual novel, Dunamis15 (pictured above) is scheduled for a 9/15 release only on the PS3 and Xbox. Even without ero content, it is rated CERO D. Hope it will sell. Some tokuten featuring illustrations of the girls.

Smartphones saw a huge gain in market share in Japan, 11.2% as of August up from 4.3% last year! Along with the rise, we will see more eroge on androids and iOS. However it appears M-trix will not accept foreign credit cards! Damn.

Kishida Mel tweets that he feels awkward seeing his own artwork being surrounded by American comics. www

2ch’s reaction to Pulltop’s new game Shinsei ni Shite Okasubekarazu is a bit mellow. see tweet. And Astarcube‘s preview.

Update: 2ch debates whether an eroge protagonist should be smart and ikemen or an ordinary person. here.

More Ogura Yui love from 2ch.  小倉唯 featured in my last post is the 16 years old voice actor of Hinata from Ro-kyu-bu and Alice from Kamimemo. I guess she is pretty…

Some Love Plus 3DS screenshots. They don’t look nearly as amazing as that concept video Konami released, way back. What a disappointment.

The K-on train! Now in operation to promote the upcoming K-on movie.

Yozora (Haganai) nendoroid from Good Smile Company. She’s not bad. Screenshot of the Haganai PSP game here. They really recycled the LN artstyle. Nice! (although I liked the manga-style a bit better)

Sena is Hawt :3

Sorry no impressions’ segment this time around. I’ve been playing Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o and Concerto Note and reading Shoujo manga only. Come August 26th, I will have some new games to talk about that people actually care for.
Kawaii <3


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12 years ago

….I couldn’t read anything past paka-plus…

12 years ago

That Nendoroid looks wonderful. :Q____