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Sana is fun to be with

So the most exciting piece of news I’ve heard in months:
「Hare tokitoki Otenki Ame」is scheduled for release on the 28th of October, 2011!
Clearly, a kami-ge in the making. The Kusukusu and NYAON combo is known for bringing us “Dear my Friend”, “Moshiraba” and “Sakura Strasse” and Palette is by far one of my favourite developers so only good things could come about from this combination.

Of the July releases, the one game demanding my most attention would probably be “Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide” for its wonderful setting and character design.
“Ikinari anata ni koishiteiru” on Azuazu’s recommendation. The writing feels cheeky.
“Artemis Blue” which received a positive review from yeah321. Apparently the rape scenes are not real rape scenes. It’s just the protag imagining it.
“Rewrite” I should just play this already. Like Warum.

I found this entry from Liemyx‘s blog particularly helpful.
It’s an eroge preview of August but unlike Micchi’s previews, Liemyx also covers Otome and BL games.

In my spare time I have been playing Mashi-iro Symphony: mutsu no hana for the PSP.

The original PC version of Mashi-iro was memorable for featuring tons of ichaicha content (i.e. flirty content). I never played Ange’s route. Miu-senpai was ichaicha on steroids. Airi is a spectacle piece for 依存ヒロイン fans (translate: dependent heroines). The much more disappointing Sakuno route moves quicky into standard fare brother-sister melodrama whilst still holding up her own in the ichaicha department.

In the PSP version, Sana battles with her own sexual identity, believing that she lacks the attributes that makes her an attractive female. A wonderful story is told about a girl who forms an unlikely, but strong (read: Strong!) friendship with the protag. The slow build up all the way to the confession scene (which then continues after) was so lovingly crafted.

Shingo is such a nice person. He is the one reason why this game had been so enjoyable for me. Shingo is gentle, well-spoken and treats females with overwhelming care and patience. Unlike the average eroge, in Mashiro-iro, the heroine had good reason to be 惚れ惚れ over him (translate: in love) because of his admirable qualities, as do I.

Probably the most memorable scene during my playthrough: Shingo and Sana’s first phone call conversation. They end up flirting with each other the entire night, putting on over-the-top dramatized lines to hit on each other, one trying to top the other with something even more embarassing they could say to each other.

Sana is an endearing character. The game never made the barriers of conflict between Shingo and Sana feel trite, yet they were not one bit stressful, just hopeful. I felt like from start to finish, Sana’s slow shift in attitude towards Shingo made very humanly sense, as a person would when her layers are slowly being peeled back. Sana’s vibrant personality made the journey full of laughs. She is so enjoyable to be around. Overall, Airi’s story had a greater impact on me but Sana’s was a more pleasurable experience.

For new fans, both the PC version and the PSP version could be recommended but the PSP version is by far superior. (Although in the PC version, Sakuno’s first h-scene was so hauntingly voiced she etches into your soul)

For people who can’t read Japanese, there is the Anime to look forward to  (note: they stuffed up Sakuno’s height)

Meanwhile, Azuazu is at it again.
Azuazu またすぐ浮気するから!!!ぬぬぬぬぬ~

<SlashZero> Can I just wish for a lot of money so I can quit grad school and live my dream life instead
<AzuAzu> does ur dream life involve me?
<feal987> if your dream lifes includes being a mahou shoujo and fighting witches
<feal987> then yes, sign here
* AzuAzu signs.
<feal987> :O


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12 years ago


AzuAzu contracted with me, he’s a fine mahou shoujo. Don’t you dare say anything bad about her!!!

12 years ago

Is there no way to read Sana’s route without owning a PSP?

Reply to  shio
12 years ago

correct. there is no way

Reply to  Aaeru
12 years ago

What a shame; I don’t really want to buy a PSP just to play this, but it sounds like I’d enjoy it a lot.