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September the 6th was Imouto day!

Quiet news week. Strongly feeling the absence of a September eroge post (Micchaa~n!! Gambare!). I’ve been busying myself with Midori no Umi trial, Parfait second brew, playing around with my new tablet PC and reading Oreimo volume 4.

Word is running fast about what a great game Mirai Nostalgia is featuring an excellent Anna route. Clephas recommends you play Iori route first before skipping over to Anna (which needs to be unlocked via a 100% complete save data). I will play this next. Astarcube review here. Purple Software is on the rise to becoming an all-star player in the eroge space??

Official site opens for Rose Liese and their debut game Strawberry Feels.

The midori no umi demo OP movie is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately the sound quality is messed up in this youtube clip but it is what I consider the perfect eroge OP. No spoilers and beautifully introducing the ideas of ambiguity. Absolutely delightful to watch.

Eroge delays:
Walkure Romance
30/09 →28/10    (Oh Ricotta.)
Shinsei ni Shite Okasubekarazu 22/09 → 28/10
Izuna Zanshinken 22/09 → 28/10    (this will hurt because the demo leave players at a strong cliffhanger)
Yurikago yori Tenshi made 28/10 → 25/11

Panchiko evolves into bishoujo-ge and readying itself for the 3DS (courtesy of IREM… sigh). Link.

Character poll for Rance Quest is underway. The winning heroine will receive a figure crafted by Goodsmile Company! More.

Alpha the head artist at Akabeisoft2 gets interviewed at The O-network during Anime Expo. Here.

<magical_macaron> those fags who just lined up for sketches probably don't even
know her and just wanted sketches from some random good illustrator they're
all fags and don't deserve them

Te to Te Try on, Pulltop game gets PSP port. Link.

core_18 comes out 29/09 on PSP and X360. The newest entry in the Infinity series (i.e. Ever17). Not being done by the same creators? Those guys have moved onto 999 I think.

Photo Kano (PSP) release has been delayed once again. This time indefinitely! Fans must be raging now. Link

2ch chats about piracy in the eroge industry. The pink line above shows the uptake of high speed internet and the dark blue line indicates the size of the eroge industry.

Ro-kyu-bu character poll begins on Dengeki Online. The winner will get an ecchi illustration… (I don’t want)

Of all the Kud figures I have seen, this is definitely the cutest. She is amazing!!

New Haganai web radio is up! Click on 火曜日.

An image of Book covers for all LNs released in August. As you can see the LN industry is overwhelmingly dominated by Otaku-bait material.

kirino wwwww I want to readdddd it!!! And that ClariS single too!

On the 17th of Sept 22:00, Pay Tinkle-sensei ¥50,000 for this beautiful piece of art, signed. Asking price is a bit high…

September the 6th was Imouto day! Micchi shows us his imouto-powers with Twitpics.

No impressions segment because Midori no umi with its heaven or hell theme just did not grab me in any substantial way. I may just skip this game when it comes out in October. Of course opinions vary and I have heard others taking a liking to it. Basically the demo was a bit like the image below. For the Amaterasu debacle, relentlessflame has a good write-up, Here.
Come chat with us at #HauOmochikaeri on
That’s all for now.


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12 years ago


Mm, Shumon leaving Will. Hope he finds himself another decent company to work with. Will itself sounds fairly やばい atm too

Is WillPlus okay? I haven’t heard any good news about them lately.

Sounds bad.

12 years ago

I might try that purple soft game since oneechwaan says its good~ I must say though, i dont like it when they give the heroines english names.

Everyone should vote for my daughter in the rance quest poll. She is just adorable <33333

As for the LN side of things, hopefully my shipment will arrive next week, yay for oreimo9 and nakaimo5 in the batch~ (can you tell i liek dem imoutos?) (ps. I liek oneechans too)

Btw issit just me or did tenshin get 2 screenies?

12 years ago

Strong words from macaron. Even if that did bode true, don’t forget the situation arised without any prior notice. There was no announcement of her arrival. The sketches were not planned originally. She also originally was just sketching on Friday, as she did not have her art tools on hand. She also stopped reasonably early on Friday, but then decided to sketch on Saturday on the spot despite not being sure if she was continuing to do so.

So part of the lineup was due to Friday declines, and probably the upstart from starting again. I’d rather think of it as a delayed pending line. The 24 person line was Saturday morning immediately on the morning, pretty much as soon as the dealer’s hall opened.

Granted, her pricing was the most favorable one, but to know she was there you had to be informed one way or another. So it’s not likely a random encounter. If it were, it was too late to get one.

12 years ago

never knew Alpha was female hue hueh ue…. hmmm….. well for the tinkle illustration its understandable… just look how much their artbooks cost… reasonable its big and full colored… yeah… well im not sure about trials… but what the heck