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New eroge: Monobeno. Loli-imouto action in mystery rural town setting

ものべの - 夏葉On the 23rd of November, Lose announces Monobeno, their second title after Gothic Delusion (memorable for the screaming loli on its front cover) and wow what a departure! [official site]

The artist Cura is the same but this time Lose has renewed its hand in script writers, opting to go with an unknown newbie and another unknown newbie instead (both of them doujin novelists).

But the true reason why I felt this title deserved a mention is because of the art. This thing is insanely pretty. Click on the picture on the left to enlarge. (hint: that loli is your imouto)

The second reason why would be because the male protag is voiced! Yes visual novels… how can such a simple addition be so attractive?

Tooru Sawai and his imouto Natsuha ventures back to their rural home town Monobeno – their first visit in six years. Here they reunite with osananajimi Alice (a bishoujo who labels herself as Tooru’s fiancee), and an apparition (or ghost) in the form of a small child.

After their nostalgic reunion it was not long before the town readies itself for the night of Himemiya流 Summer Festival. During the festival, the Monobeno’s ancient, ‘Face Dance’ was being performed when Natsuha suddenly collapsed and was rushed home. That night, Natsuha grew a whole 10cm, her body undergone rapid changes and her lower body bled for the first time. Tooru, fearing for his imouto’s life hastened in his search for a cure…


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12 years ago

The last game I can randomly remember that has a voiced protagonist are Ensemble’s Hanaotome game … and now I randomly remember that … can’t remember the name of that game with Kotarou as the protagonist with vampiric sisters.

The art does look nice.

12 years ago

Sorry, can you please remove the email address above? I dont want to disclose it.

Reply to  sym3trik
12 years ago

done ;D

12 years ago

The post title, it made my life worth living again.

12 years ago

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10 years ago

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