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Windmill announces two new games: Kamigakari Cross Heart revealed!

As part of their 10th year anniversary campaign, Windmill announces two new games: Kamigakari Cross Heart and Witch’s Garden. [official site]

The concept is to deliver the original Windmill brand of ‘moe and ecchi’ that made them the successes they are right at the beginning, titles like Happiness! and Yuibashi.

All you need to know is that for Kamigakari (Kamigakari which means being possessed by a God) will bring the writer back from Shukufuku no Campanella and Happiness! while for Witch’s Garden they will bring back Ko~cha. (who is the artist for the images on this page)

Otherwise the staff are the same for both of these games. Narumi Yuu (Onigokko) and Arikawa Satoru (who solo-wrote Kicking Horse Rhapsody), which is probably reason why you can (and should) look forward to these titles.


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12 years ago

Windmill’s latest two games (DeniKeri and HHG) were stupid and boring (respectively), IMO. But, I’ll probably try Witch’s Garden because of ko-cha’s art and because the writer of KHR (which I found truly enjoyable) will be working on it.

Thanks for the info!

12 years ago

I’ll just say two random things.

1. What, a Happiness image without Jun?

2. Windmill’s HHG game’s trial system was interesting, as you have a base file, and then add ons you can implement. I’ve never seen that before.

Although Windmill does fine for moe and ecchi allocation, that’s never been the issue. It’s always the substandard content/story from reviews I read.