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Da Capo III the full game will be available on Android and iOS devices

Slightly older news. I was so caught up by the All Ages announcement of D.C.III I had completely skimped past this other important announcement. By way of the Unity engine, you will be able to play your Da Capo III on phones and tablets if you so wish to. [source]

So now you can enjoy Da Capo III from the comfort of your 600gram tablet or take your bishoujo with you on the phone wherever you go! Whichever platform you decide to buy D.C.III on, remember that CIRCUS will pepper and dime you with DLC  and fandisks without question. Smartphones and tablets are merely another means of delivering (read: sneaking) the full CIRCUS experience under your skin before you even know it.

Other D.C.III info include a mini-demo on the 29th of December during Winter Comiket if you purchase the D.C.III Support Disc.



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