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JPCSP Tutorial

Hey nice guide! Actually I was trying to write a tutorial on running Hakuoki on PSP emulator as well (last month) but I could not for the life of me get it working! Hopefully other people will have better luck than me… btw are they still working on something that will make playing these …’difficult’… games on emulator easier?


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11 years ago

Well…for games that has incompatibility with getting the voice sounds of the character they might want to check this guide

As for patched games that cant be played, there are ways to unpatch it…and for incompatible fonts they really need to own a psp to rip the fonts to their JPCSP ^_^;

For speed (FPS), I already posted the screenshots in that tutorial..thanks for the reblog Aeru-sama c:

Reply to  Sakimichi
11 years ago

I forgot to mention…the newer JPCSP builds work fine for me especially for Hakuouki, I only recommend using a 32-bit windows OS. since the x64 is quite buggy~
As for the last question, someone told me that newer builds have more compatibility than older builds, so I guess it’s a yes that they do improve it ….but they wont give out ripped fonts or show links on how to unpatch iso’s though XD

11 years ago

Yeah JPCSP was pretty hard to use…but I managed somehow 🙂 I also made a recent post on this on my blog:

And I see Sakimichi has already come to the rescue XD

11 years ago

Is it possible to get ITH/AGTH to work with JPCSP games?

Reply to  Xanek
11 years ago

not any method that I know of…

11 years ago

Hi Hakuouki worked perfectly for me several months back and I completed the whole game 🙂 However, today I went back to it, and the game plays perfectly, but the voices don’t work anymore 😮 I (stupidly) put in another psp game iso in the umd folder. I deleted it, but now I can’t hear voices on hakuouki!

Every time I click launch sony sound forge, it says, “Warning an error occurred while opening one or more files. The item was not found.” I click more details, and then it says, “The file C:UsersMYUSERDesktopHakuokijpcsp-windows-x86tmpULUS10577AtracAtrac-00017558-09C20AC8.oma.AddHeader could not be opened.”

Then I click start on the mono thing, and then it says, Please open [JPCSP Main Dir]/tmp/gameID/Atrac/

Please help me, I don’t know what to do! 🙁