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-Best Visual Novel- Contest going on at GameFaqs

Untitled-1asdf They’re holding a Visual Novel Contest at GameFaqs the “Anime and Manga – Other Titles” section (Eab1990’s favourite). Not a very large number of voters just because VNs are not that popular and also because you need to have played both games in that round in order to vote.

The diagram is a bit confusing but basically if it says 17 / 14 / 30 / 4 / 10, I’m pretty sure only the first two numbers count as votes.
So in the very first round (1)Fate/Stay Night VERSUS (8)Kamidori Alchemy Meister, 17 votes went to F/SN & 14 votes went to Kamidori. Hence F/SN won. 

Each voting session lasts 24 hours. Here is the Board. You can bookmark and check back every now and then.

I wonder if they’re going to have subsequent brackets to put stuff like Canvas 2, Hoshimemo or Ef –A tales of the two- in? I can sort of see why he did it this way? Because if you have a dropdown list of all the VNs and you select the one you liked the most, it’d just become a popularity vote.

“Btw Never7 is coming soon…”


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11 years ago

When I saw this, I was afraid that KS would beat Symphonic Rain (my personal fave). Was pleasantly surprised to see SR as the victor 😀

Reply to  Pepe
11 years ago

But dang seeing Steins;Gate losing to Phoenix Wright sucks 🙁 Also 999 losing feels bad, but I haven’t played Sengoku Rance so I can’t say.

I predict F/SN vs Tsukihime (or maybe Umineko) vs Ever17 vs … not sure about Game 28

11 years ago

No Chaos;Head? This is blasphemy!

11 years ago

Phoenix Wright VS Sharin no Kuni? Both about crimes, interesting coincidence