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New Translation Group: 「Lemnisca Translations」 led by GundamAce and BlinkWinkel

GundamAce having just released Never7, he’s formed an exciting new group with BlinkWinkel (previously Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 8-bit and also some Madoka PSP). They are calling it “Leminisca Translations”, and the group will be tackling the other entries in the Infinity Series, including I/O. Here is the official website! []

BlinkWinkel has a formal announcement up on his blogspot.

“As some of you might be aware, GundamAce and I have planned to jointly translate I/O and 12Riven.
But now, I am here to say that we, and the rest of the team, are doing it in style. We now have a spiffy name and domain:
Lemnisca Translations
(The URL is
We also have a twitter account, @lemnis_ca
—-> Read up on the rest at this blog post.

They are going to do I/O first before moving on to 12riven and then Root Double, (i.e. in the order that they are released.)

Leminisca Translations Full Staff Roster
  • GundamAce: Leader/Translation
    BlickWinkel: Translation
    Roger Pepitone: Programming/Technical Duties
    Bu-Bu San: Image Editing/Logo Designer
    Kilicool64: Quality Checking

I/O Revision II OP English subbed
I/O is not part of the infinity series (I believe), but it’s written by Takumi Nakazawa the writer of Ever17, Remember11 and Never7. It even has Tanaka Romeo (Cross Channel, Yume Miru Kusuri, Rewrite, and currently airing anime Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita) as member of the staff during production!

 537539542543544549 So keep an eye out on this project, and also drop a word of thanks addressed to their twitter account, here: for bringing us Never7 (GundamAce). These guys are legendary.


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