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Tomoyo After Visual Novel Review (by Peter Hasselström)

You can get the game here on fuwanovel.

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Prepare the napkins – Tomoyo After Visual Novel Review

Did we need a sequel?
Clannad After Story is highly regarded as an effective tear jerker among anime fans. Having played through the entire Clannad visual novel I must admit I didn’t enjoy most of the game as I felt it had too many endings that didn’t lead to any meaningful emotional payoffs. It was just a bit too big in scope for its own good. Having said that it did have a few endings which were excellent, such as the After Story. More importantly in this case the ending for the character Tomoyo was one of the strongest ones in the game. Her ending was different from the others in that it felt like both Tomoyo and the protagonist Tomoya had to make sacrifices to their plans of the future in order to be together. It was also an ending which was open ended enough that it made perfect sense to me how you could make an entire game length sequel to it in the form of Tomoyo After.


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11 years ago

Getting ready to play it too. I want to see more endings of Tomoya.