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Burn Your Fat With Me–iOS/Android App for $2.99

Burn your fat with me! (for USD$2.99) is an app on iOS and Android which says:
“a fitness app/dating sim that provides players with the motivation to work out through moé” [Click:] made by a Japanese company called Creative Freaks.

Pretty good ideas~

via Ziddy.


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11 years ago

Lol, when I read this title I thought. “Wow, they made a game were you are encuraged to use your right hand to do you know what, as a means of exercise”

11 years ago

This seems weird yet interesting at the same time..

11 years ago

[…] Saw this interesting game on 4gamer called Togabitono Senritsu. Releasing today exclusively on the iOS which I thought was kinda interesting. It’s very much in the vein of Corpse Party and Dunamis15 and other murder mysteries. 11 students trapped in a prisoner’s game. Their objective is to survive. Created by a small company called Kemco. [iTunes Page] It’s available for free download. But you have to pay 500 yen in-game at a certain point to continue. All in Japanese. Some screenshots: Also see Guide to visual novels on the iPhone & iPad Also see Burn Your Fat With Me–iOS/Android App for $2.99 […]