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Corpse Party 50% Discounted Tomorrow, Sequel Announced

Corpse Party On Sale Tomorrow, Sequel Announced
Author: Ryan Winslett

Published: 2012-10-22 at

“There ain’t no party like a Corpse Party, and we are of course talking about the PlayStation Portable’s text-heavy survival horror game. Not only has the game’s sequel now been announced for a U.S. release, but it has also been revealed that the original visual-novel-esque adventure game will be marked down by 50 percent on the PlayStation Network starting tomorrow.

lDyVH[1]In the original Corpse Party, a group of young students are lured to a mysterious school where all sorts of bad things have been known to occur. Pretty soon, people start dropping like flies ghostly entities, hidden secrets and betrayals lead to one gruesome death after the other. Originally $19.99 on the PlayStation Portable, Corpse Party will go on sale for $9.99 starting with tomorrow’s PSN update and running through Nov. 6.
But along with that announcement comes news fans of the eerie series will no doubt be giddy for: The Corpse Party sequel, Book of Shadows is also heading Stateside. A whole new set of students have been lured to Heavenly Host Elementary School and, with a name like Corpse Party, you can pretty much guess what happens next.

lDyVH[1]While the original Corpse Party‘s gameplay was more akin to a classic top-down style RPG, Book of Shadows will be played in first person as a point-and-click style adventure game. The sequel will have more emphasis on cutscenes and even more dialogue than before, meaning there will be plenty of meaty story bits to digest.
A release date and price point for Book of Shadows is promised in the “coming months” but, if you missed out on the original Corpse Party, then you can get it on the cheap just in time for Halloween starting tomorrow afternoon.”

cool. didn’t realize the sequel is coming too.


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11 years ago

Neat, I went ahead and bought it.