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D.C.III sequel — on April 26th, 2013

Sorry old news but just because it’s reporting it..

Adult game producer CIRCUS announced the release dates for D.C.III P2 ~Da Capo III Platinum Partner~ and the PlayStation Portable port D.C.III Plus ~Da Capo III Plus~.

D.C.III P2 ~Da Capo III Platinum Partner~ is scheduled to arrive on April 26, 2013. The PlayStation Portable port of D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ will come in premium and standard editions slated for February 28, 2013.
An anime adaptation of the original D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ game is in production.
[Via Hachima Kikō]

So I just have to finish (translating) D.C.III before April 26th… btw D.C.III P2 is also an all-ages game.


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