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1,235 Survey of most popular names to give to baby girls: #1 結愛 (Yua), #2 葵 (Aoi), #3 結衣 (Yui), #4 さくら (Sakura), #5 ひな (Hina)

Each year the pregnancy, birth & child-raising business by the name of Tamahiyo (Benesse corporation) releases info on the most popular baby names over the past year. Of the 33,640 babies born in 2012 (that they looked after), the most popular names were 「結愛(Yua)」「陽菜(Hina)」「結菜(Yuina)」「心春(Koharu)」, etc. The article didn’t list it.

Newscafe took some of the most popular names and ran a survey asking people, out of these names, which would you give to your baby girl? 1,235 persons participated in the survey, and here are the results.

#1 結愛 (Yua from Your Diary)
Votes: 7.9%
Description: Yua is the goddess that came out of Your Diary who is searching for Tomoki’s happiness. She is also the writer of Your Diary and records every day’s events in the book. She’s a genki girl who gets on well with everyone. She also gets teased by everyone quite a lot due to her childish-ness. She lives in Yuuhi’s house and sleeps in her room since Yuuhi didn’t want another girl to sleep in Tomoki’s room. Yua really likes cats.
Actually Yua is written in hiragana in the game so not quite… but I don’t care.
#2 葵 (Aoi from Da Capo III)
Votes: 6.9%
Full name: 陽ノ下 葵 (Hinomoto Aoi)
Description: Junior in class 2-1, regular member of the school’s official Newspaper club. Energetic in nature but physically weak. Enjoys her work at cafe Flowers a great deal. Clumsy, she makes people feel like they need to take care of her.
#3 結衣 (Yui from Flyable Hearts)
Votes: 6.0% (tied #3)
Full name: 稲羽 結衣 (Inaba Yui)
Description: Yui really loves sweet things (especially doughnuts!) and samurai. She gets on well with everyone and is always very upbeat. She has a huge appetite (like Shou) but she gets embarrassed about it because she’s a girl.
#3 さくら (Sakura from Supipara)
Votes: 6.0% (tied #3)
Full name: 鳴海 桜 (Narumi Sakura)
Description: Weirdo senpai who speaks very loudly to herself, is ecchi and likes pretty girls a lot. #5 陽菜 (Hina from Sugirly Wish. Can also be pronounced Haruna)
Votes: 4.9%
Full name: 白咲 ひな (Shirosaki Hina)
Description: Tries very hard everyday to become her onii-chan’s lover/bride. Btw Hina in this game is written in hiragana.

^ Clearly, eroge otaku had hijacked the results. And some other popular names rank 6 and onwards: 【心春(Koharu)(2.8%)】【芽依(Mei)(2.5%)】【咲希(Saki)(2.4%)】【結菜(Yuina)(1.1%)】。 Of course they are just popular names in general but someone just HAD to do a post like this to correlate them to eroge charas. It’s been done before in 2010.


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