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Air Fan Translation by Sheeta Now 33%!

Sheeta put out an update for Keyorina Fan Translation (aka Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na) on this blog post, they’re going to release a partial patch in the ‘future’, The patch will contain the following routes:
– Feena (normal)
– Mia
– Mai
– Natsuki
– Sayaka
+ Common Route.

Also she updated us on AIR.

You can visit the AIRstats page to keep tabs on progress or follow @Sheeta_Su on twitter who will tweet all major milestones. There’s actually two Air translation projects, the other one is by Gao Gao Translations and is a bit further ahead. But Air is a very special case seeing as other groups had ‘claimed’ it in the past but its status was always uncertain. And it got C&D’d at one point. I guess Visual Arts don’t do that anymore.


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