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D.C.III R ~ダ・カーポIIIアール~X-rated Demo Movie

D.C.III R ~ダ・カーポIIIアール~X-rated demo movie. I went in thinking I could grab some porno pics for my blog… but instead all I found was a bunch of emo heroines. OP song performed by fripside 「endless memory~refrain as Da Capo~」.
Release: 2013/04/26
Genre: Fall in love software
Art: たにはらなつき、鷹乃ゆき
Scenario: 雨野智晴、たけうちこうた

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When it comes out I’ll transport my existing subtitles over to X-rated. The way I understand it with Visual Novel Reader, is that all community-entered subs are equivalent across both D.C.III 18+ and D.C.III non 18+ versions. Users will see the same latest updated scripts on both games.


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11 years ago

If I absolutely hated Da Capo (the original one), would I like Da Capo II or even Da Capo III?

(Yes, I might have biases because of the English translation sucking too much, but gimme a break here; I’m trying to play the weekly releases QQ)

Reply to  joyjason
11 years ago

Da Capo 2 essentially disproves the idea that sequels suck. I thought the original was mediocre at best, but I have replayed Da Capo 2 three times already. Although I must say two of the routes annoyed the hell out of me, but every other route proved to more than make up for the game.

But the anime of Da Capo 2 sucks, it completely destroys how a particular character was set up in the VN.

11 years ago

Thank you, SomeVNFan. That comparison is more than enough to pique my interest in DC II. I just didn’t want to have the story end up like Nanoha *coff!* or even SAO for that matter.

/flameshield on.

Jokes aside, this gives me more stuff to do in my already busy schedule QQ;;