Press ESC to close Bishoujo-Game Awards 2012 Winners– Story: HatsuSaku, Art: Natsuzora Persueus, Character: Runa

Listing winners for scenario, art and character now. [See Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2012]

Scenario Award Winner:  Hatsuyuki Sakura
"This is writer for the story Niijima Yuu (新島夕) speaking. I won first place? Throughout my life I have never had much affinity with the number 1 spot. At last I made it onto somebody’s number 1 list… I am special, to someone! I thank the people who employ me at Saga Planets, and of course the users who support us. Thank you very much everyone, please have a good Spring!" Artwork Award Winner:  Natsuzora no Perseus 
Company: minori
"Hello, this is minori staff speaking. Eh? We won? No no it can’t be, are there really people who think our art is that good? Please please, stop with the social flattery. Eh? I’m not grateful enough? That’s not true I am very grateful! Sorry for everything. Please also check out NatsuPeru merchandise at our online store, over here." Character Award Winner:  Sakurakouji Runa 桜小路 ルナ
Company: Navel
Runa: "This is Sakurakouji Runa speaking who was voted number one. I feel extremely good about it. The fact that I won this category means I am now recognized as the most sexually attractive person that exist. Perhaps this was the result of that time when I ‘excavated’ the protagonist’ buttocks? In which case I should live up to the expectations of my voters. Come! Stand on the podium and drop your pants! … uh, no, I wasn’t talking to you. Asahi! Come here and drop your pants! (Holds up a buttocks-version mouse pad of Kokura Asahi, now currently up for pre-orders)


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