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Photos of My $1000 Eroge Tablet Running Windows 8

Took some photos of my new windows 8 tablet running Hatsuyuki Sakura and Leyline2. This one is called Acer Iconia W700 [engadget review] [arstechnica], bought it for AUD$1,000. The image quality on this thing is really good. 

The reason why I call it my ‘almost’-dream tablet is because it’s whooping heavy. My dream tablet would have been 10", can run all modern eroge (e.g. win8), has 8+ hours battery, is under 400grams. This one is 11.6", can run all modern eroge, has 7 hrs battery max (when looping a 720p video), and is 950grams!! (And also a bit pricier than I wanted) But I figured it will be 2014 before they release the next revision of the Atom processor and I couldn’t toss up the 7hours battery (and plus, this one has 3rd generation i5 so this is quite a reasonable machine). So I broke down and bought this. I’ve looked at the Microsoft Surface Pro. Although cheaper, it only has 3 hrs when watching video even though it’s exactly the same processing power! The battery life was a huge difference to me, so I dismissed the surface garbage and went with Acer. There is also another one called Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T that weights 888grams, comes with a wacom pen and has similar battery life and exact same specs. But the asking price was another extra $200 (comes with keyboard dock). I said no thanks.

The other option was to buy an Atom tablet like the ASUS VivoTab (10.5 hrs battery running video) or the ThinkPad Tablet 2 (10 hrs?), but you would be buying a netbook, which means it might struggle with modern eroge. It would also be extremely outdated in 12 months because Atom will get double or triple the speed in the next year or two.(^ Click to Enlarge)I put a Madoka Nendoroid on the left as a size comparison. You can see this is really a handheld machine. Also Windows 8 is completely UN-useable until you restore the Start button using Classic Shell. I’m still looking for a way to add/customize gestures because on my win7 tablet, I can customize gestures to close window, alt-tab, ctrl-tab, copy & paste, etc. Anyone know a way?


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11 years ago

laptop……cheaper and better

Reply to  John117
11 years ago

You can use a tablet or e-book on the move. It is more mobile and cheaper than a laptop, unless you’re comparing really high-end tablets to average/low-end laptops. Most of the time when you’ll have sufficient space to use a laptop, you’ll be able to use a desktop PC too (unless you spend more time at the library than at home..). A PC is faster and cheaper than a laptop too, plus you can open it up for maintenance easier.

The laptop is the bastard child/middle step that is neither portable nor fast nor cheap.

11 years ago

How about a laptop, iPad and some remote desktop apps? I always get my Eroge fixes with Splashtop since I mostly play it back home in the bedroom anyway.

11 years ago

How cool. I use the Asus EEE Pad Slate EP121. It’s a bit older, but is still a monster. The only problem I have with reading on a tablet is having to physically touch the screen. I would much rather have a button on the side to advance text.

11 years ago

Nice! Hope you enjoy it c:
PD: That cute chibi distracted me for like one entire minute xD

Reply to  SieghartXx
11 years ago

damn, i thought i was the only one xd

11 years ago

$1000??? Good for you… I will never have that much money for something like this lol.

11 years ago

I thought of buying it but the small 32GB HDD is kind of a blunder, or is it using SSD? I guess they are trying to make it look like handheld ipads or smartphones, unless it’s the latter case.

I gotta say though, playing visual novels on tablets look good! But I think I’ll wait for a while and see if there are more laptop/tablet models like Iconia soon.

11 years ago

….I want you to know how jealous I am…..but I can’t express it with words.

11 years ago

Overkill.. lol
also yes, windows 8 sucks badly until you restore the shell.
I’d have just used a Android tablet + mouse with splashtop however.

10 years ago

[…] or “Alt”, since there are none. But one of the most important thing I did, as Aaeru stated, is restoring the Start orb, which you can do so using programs like Start8 or Classic Shell. This […]

10 years ago

can tablets view visual novel h-scenes while you play?

10 years ago

Can you run visual novel reader together with the VN?