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[Wonder Festival 2013] Da Capo III Ricca Nendoroid, Natsume Rin Nendoroid + Others

Wonder Festival 2013 just happened a few hours ago and we were presented an assortment of your usual nendoroids, your figmas, among others. But the best ones are the static figures. Go to or Official Page to see a splattering of them. I see some really spectacular ones! These are just my handpicks: ^ This beautiful figure is Shibuya Rin from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, a social game on mobile phones. Her figma form looks like this <3.

^ Sharuru & Komari Max gets nendoroid! (eventually). The Alter’s Hyouka one was so glossy and awful I didn’t bother to paste it here.


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11 years ago

That Asuna figure is weird, she doesn’t look small or “chibified” enough for a nendoroid, but she definitely doesn’t seem as proportional as a scale figure or figma. Or perhaps it’s just me?

Reply to  Kai
11 years ago

yea that’s not a nendoroid or figma.
she’s something else… i forgot what it’s called

11 years ago

I can only say… Wow xD that’s some nicely done work *-*

11 years ago

Some high resolution shots over at