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Date A Live PS3 Has Wonderful Art

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This is slightly old news, but Date A Live PS3 game looks amazingly gorgeous >.< no release date yet for the game. Now I’ve got two games to buy, Kamipara and this. One game is already a lot of money (about $100 incl shipping), let alone two games.

And this is the PV for the anime airing from the 5th of April 2013: [PV0][PV1][PV2][PV3][PV4]
Anime looks generic. Also see character introduction for the game: [1][2][3][4][5] I like how they did it properly and outsourced it to Compile Hearts. Most VN adaptations let the anime studio do the art, and that is truly awful.

Some Screenshots: [Official Site]
^ Click to Enlarge.


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11 years ago

Looks great, shame that most of us will never be able to play it =/

11 years ago

Someone should translate Kamipara…. it looks so fucking gorgeous. Btw. I couldn’t find it on vndb?

11 years ago

well kamipara is Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox by Nippon Ichi which is already getting a localization in US i think
it’s not a VN, it’s a rogue-like

11 years ago

So this Date A Live PS3 game is a Visual Novel. right? Feels like one looking at the screenshots. Definitely buying either way.

Reply to  Kaoru
11 years ago

Actually, date A live is a novel, being animated this April. It’s pretty popular in Japan and China. I read the novel, it was pretty good.

11 years ago

:X god i wanna play this soon

11 years ago

If anything, people might either do a youtube project or make a pdf or text file for the translation, that way people can buy (if they are willing to at least) the game, and use simply use that file for reference, even if it would be a giant pain.

11 years ago

i think the game’s site said it’s coming out june 27th

11 years ago

Is this game purely VN style where I choose my heroine and get her ending/story? If so, I’m ready to preorder it.

Reply to  alphasixnine
11 years ago

well they are marketing it as a visual novel… so i reckon it will be that way

11 years ago

Hopefully, there will be a PC version too..

What a shame..

Reply to  webdiver
11 years ago

yes, im also want the pc version, that way the translation can be made too! -_-

kIriT0 sHid0
11 years ago

i hope the date a live in pc version tooo,….i hope that so much!!!

11 years ago

[…] New game from Compile Hearts (Neptunia series). It looks higher budget than your standard bishoujo-ge. Apparently they created an original character called Rinne, just for the PS3 game. If you skip past half way it will play the OP song. [Siliconera]   More screenshots here. […]

11 years ago

Do you know if the game will release in america? Sadly cuz i dont know japaneseT-T

11 years ago

I think almost impossible.

actually, ill change that to impossible. yea. it’s impossible. lol

best bet is to work out how to capture the game video and then encode and upload it, then start a project and see if u can get translators.
see oreimo PSP