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Ignis was praised by 2ch for trying to speak Japanese on Anime-Sharing ww

lolololol XD Ignis got picked out by 2ch for starting a Let’s Speak Japanese thread, then got carried on (a popular news aggregate blog). It says ここの外国人が頑張って日本語で会話しようとしてて可愛い which means ‘This westerner is working hard to try to speak in Japanese. How cute.’
And then the rest of the post is people picking out funny bits and laughing at it or praising them for the hard work. ww  [original article] Also you get the odd folk who’s upset because these gaijin are playing the games for free. By the way, anime-sharing is probably the single best western site for eroge sharing right now. They have the largest number of titles shared, and the fastest releases. They have an otome game sharing section as well. Basically they are before it closed off sharing.


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11 years ago

Gotta give the guy some credit for trying…

11 years ago

やだAaeruったら照れちゃうじゃん (〃∇〃)

11 years ago

うわ!… P-Premium びっくりした!

11 years ago

I don’t really see why they would complain about us foreigners playing their games for free. I mean, can’t they do the same? Or is something in Japan that restricts downloading?