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Memories Off Yubikiri no Kioku Port for PS3 & PS Vita – 27th June

Memories Off Yubikiri no Kioku (aka Memories Off 7) is the latest instalment in the popular bishoujo-ge series Memories Off which nobody has heard of here in the West. The staff are usually ex-KID people (i.e. Ever17, Remember11, Never7). The game is being ported to PS3 and PS Vita, originally it was released for the Xbox360 due to Microsoft subsidies.

I’ve kinda already bought the game on PSP but.….. but a Chinatsu daki would be nice too >.<  The PS3 & PS Vita version will have 2.5x the content in the mini-dating game ふたりの風流庵 (a separate disc that came as a bonus for limited edition purchasers), new opening video and ‘Photo Mode’.

By the way, this game is out in Taiwan. Actually I think all of the memories off has been localized in Taiwan.


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11 years ago

Damn, I already bought the X360 version… but looks like I need to get the PS3 version too for the extra content…

11 years ago

I’ve always wanted to read this series. I finally got a copy of Duet (memoff 1+2 for pc) a few months ago and got through the first game with translation aggregator. It was pretty good! I love the premise of the first game more than any other school related VN, as the main protagonist instantly has our sympathy. I like that it’s all ages too, since there are no jolting and unnecessary sex scenes, which I always find awkward and badly placed in most of these VNs anyway.