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Support a visual novel hacker on kickstarter

Tinfoil created a kickstarter project to hack the Livemaker3 engine, “An extraction, parsing, and re-insertion toolkit in Python to assist translators working with the LiveMaker3 visual novel engine.” It’s one of the popular engines freely available for doujin authors. It would be nice if Tinfoil included the names of some of the games that are developed on this engine?

“My goal here is to create an open source translation toolchain in Python for the LiveMaker3 visual novel engine, one of several visual novel-making engines available to doujin authors for free.”

Definitely worth supporting this one if you can spare the change. $600 only by 28th April.


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11 years ago

Funny since I was just writing about kickstarting eroge the other day, although I’m sure I wasn’t the first person to think if it were feasible, it’d be a worthwhile idea :V

Reply to  Multi
11 years ago

There is at least one VN funded through Kickstarter that I know of:

11 years ago

This is really exciting. TinFoil is a pretty good guy, and a smart guy, so I feel great about donating.

Now we just need to keep pushing this until we hit the $1000 GUI stretch goal ; )

11 years ago

>Pledge $600 or more
>In addition to an anime or VN OP/ED, a crayon drawing, and contributors’ credit, I will read an lewd scene from a translated or English-language visual novel of your choice and post the audio recording on Youtube.

LOL, never seen a kickstarter reward like this…

Quick, somebody donate 600$ to him hahahaha

11 years ago

Annnnnd… funded^^

11 years ago

Just a quick reminder that you’re not actually supporting the software, you’re paying TF’s living expenses while he takes time off work.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a donation, but the title is misleading.

Reply to  Anonymous
11 years ago

Well, successfully funding this one causes others of the same kind to spring up. I think it is in a good direction. Also in your definition, paying the dev’s living expenses while he takes time off work IS supporting development, which is what is happening. successful funding accelerates the speed of development.

11 years ago

Yay he reached his goal. That was quick.