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Visual Novel Reader – how to place your text at the bottom where the JP text appears

(^ Click to Enlarge) I haven’t shown people this screen in Visual Novel Reader, but there is a button on the left (Looks like a > ) that opens a menu like the one shown above. Here is where you enable disable machine translators and game text.
Community subtitle means the translators’ manually translated lines. So if you want to play D.C.III in English, make sure to have this checked. User comment is everyone’s comments (these are not translations). Width/Zoom/Opacity is for adjusting how the English text displays. Zoom bar adjusts the size of the text.

You can actually set it so that the english text appears directly on TOP of the Japanese text (so that it is superimposed), then set Opacity to 100%. That way you can have the text at the bottom like an average visual novel. First unlock the black bar so you can drag it around. Do this by pressing the Unlock button.
Then position it where you want to, Lock it again, and done. I put opacity to almost 100%.

Visual Novel Reader: []
My translation project Da Capo III: []
Setup Tutorial: []


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11 years ago

Sara *o* I mean, thanks for the info~ I haven’t used it too much (I’m not a fan of machine translations ;O;), but I’ll definitely use it whit D.C. III :3

Reply to  SieghartXx
11 years ago

With* xDU