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Da Capo III: they changed the voice actors for Sharuru & Aoi in the 18+ version!

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The comparisons start at 0:30.
Ricca, Himeno & Sara are the same.
But Sharuru and Aoi’s voice actors have changed!
Thanks ilegend for tweet.


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11 years ago

actually i dunt actually know if ricca, himeno & sara’s remain the same.
it could be a very similarly voiced person.

11 years ago

Only for the h scenes or for the whole VN?

11 years ago

@ 1:26 Oh my gawd, that sounds like a female version of Matsukaze from Majikoi! He’s finally inhabited a body. Good for him.

11 years ago

as long as Ricca’s is the same, all is good in the world… of eroge