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Fate/Otome Fan-Made Otome Game Demo Released!

Fate/Otome is a fan-made visual novel, an otome game twist on the Fate/Stay Night franchise (but more so Fate/Zero), featuring characters from the show specifically the male characters. It’s described as ‘romance visual novel project featuring a female protagonist surrounded by the Fate/Zero cast in a school setting.’ They released a demo on the 2nd of April (April Fools?) which you can get here: []

Can I say the art is fantastic! There is some slight inconsistency in style but the crayon-look is gorgeous. Here are some screenshots: ^ Mocchi wa mazui ja nai!…..uhh, meloi. wut? ^ Saber


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11 years ago

Oh boy, a combination of tamako market and hatoful parody xD im excited to play this..hopefully theres archer emiya right?