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Yandere (the game) Partial Patch Out – by Dark Eye Translations

“This patch covers Maika’s route and the common route. The endings of Saki’s route and Yuumi’s route are not in there, and Yuumi’s sex scenes aren’t either. They’re translated, but unedited, and I don’t want them in there because they’re simply not done.” – [Release Page]

Some more screenshots here: []


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11 years ago

Hey Aaeru, do you have ay idea where I can find a copy? I’ve already looked through the sites I know of.

Reply to  cmgarcia
10 years ago

Hai ~

This game is already includes an english patch and you will sometimes find some minor glitches and problems but it can be solved :3

11 years ago
its all here…
no point asking from Aaeru since “HE” gets the stuff from Erogedownload

Reply to  NameErogeDownload
11 years ago

I thought it was a she.How do you know she gets everything from there? She’s given me a link to get D. C. 3 before when I couldn’t find a copy and it wasn’t from there.

11 years ago me..
“HE”s a member in this forum..
and if you compare the date “HE” uploaded the VN..
you’ll see why i said so…with exception of few VNs that we didnt bother to upload unless it was requested
and..for DC3…its available in Nyaa

11 years ago

kami sama desu nyaa…

Polish translation
11 years ago

I can translate it into Polish if you like?