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Amairo Islenauts Extra Large Tapestries for 4,000 yen

27612e8c06e21fbd8a68e3680c35cb1a Yuzu-soft is selling extra large tapestries for upcoming game Amairo Islenauts. Extremely popular eroge company. One tapestry for 4,000 yen is actually good priced. I bought a full-sized tenshin ranman Sana tapestry for 8,800 yen I think. And the quality was not good, it was blurry. Anyways the preorders started on the 10th so you might have to get in fast or else they could run out.
[yuzu-soft blog] [This page to preorder] <— need to use mail proxy.

「天色*アイルノーツ」 特大タペストリー シャーリィ ¥4000
「天色*アイルノーツ」 特大タペストリー 夕音 ¥4000
「天色*アイルノーツ」 特大タペストリー 愛莉 ¥4000
「天色*アイルノーツ」 特大タペストリー 真咲 ¥4000


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Also they are selling character song CDs. Here are the intros for each one.
And these are the preorder tokutens from the various shops. (if you live in Japan you can get extra early tokuten) I see some on yahoo auctions jp.
Release date is 26th of July.


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11 years ago

I wish I could buy this. Goddamn, but I have already spent all my money D: Fuuuck