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Ever17 showed up on Steam DB

Ever17 showed up on [Ever17]
Posted 12 days ago. Thanks to Debono9 for the tip.
What is Steam db? XD


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11 years ago

Ooooh, I really hope this amounts to something. I’d buy it to hopefully support more VNs being released on Steam.

11 years ago

I would buy this off steam in a heartbeat. If there were ever a VN suited for steam it’s Ever17.

11 years ago

Instant buy and would probably encourage people to buy a physical copy and remember 11 and never 7 which mean more money for me. This would actually be a super smart decision the game is already translated into english, the author is really popular right now, the genre is catching on. I would get in on this transaction if I could.

11 years ago

Yes! I would buy it day one.

11 years ago
Basically updates info from the actual Steam database,.
Don’t take this as me being a downer or anything, but just make sure you realize that just ’cause it’s in SteamDB it doesn’t mean it will come 100%, though it is likely as SteamDB has been proven right a couple of times befre.
There are also other titles like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm IIRC on Steam DB, popped recently actually, I think. Also Lords of Shadow, not 2(Already confirmed anyways), but the original.
Goddamn it seems like PC is gonna get loads of awesome JP titles. I AM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ;____________; TEARS OF FREAKING JOY NO JOKE

11 years ago

I’m new to this. What is SteamDB?