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JAST USA to announce Steins;Gate license at AX?

These are some old updates from JAST USA that I didn’t keep up with and are therefore being presented 3 weeks late. According to some recent-ish tweets, a Steins;Gate announcement is very likely during AX2013.
ss (2013-05-03 at 01.41.11)
ss (2013-05-03 at 01.41.27)

At long last, Steins;Gate(?). Long after the anime buzz has died down. I have no idea why it took so long, but this needed to be done. So look forward to July 4th for the actual confirmation/disappointment. They also mentioned Summer Days/Shiny Days on twitter, and My Girlfriend is President Fandisc.

Of the projects they have on their plate, the release order is supposed to be:
– Saya
– Hana
– Kiko
– Django
– Sumaga
– Steins;Gate
– Dra+Koi
Aka the order that they were licensed in. Dra+Koi was apparently supposed to go after Steins;Gate which meant it could be 2-3 years time, which was why Moogy put out the patch instead, (as explained in the readme file with the patch). Also I didn’t think an unvoiced game would sell as well.

ss (2013-05-03 at 01.35.43)^ Full summary.

By the way, Trample on Schatten is left with no translator now now that Moogy left JAST. Based on twitter it seems like they still want to get it done. Their translators are just full right now (Starless and Django).


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11 years ago

I’ll buy the hell of an official steins;gate english version,one of favourite games ever.

I don’t understand why won’t they use the fan-translation tough?
As far as i know the fan traslation was offered to them.

11 years ago

I thought the scripts for Dra+Koi was done already?

11 years ago

So…um…Sumaga in 2014/15 then zZz..

11 years ago

Been waiting for Yumina the ethreal like forever… I hope we can see it THIS YEAR.

11 years ago

In other words, never.