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Katawa Seiyu – Fan-made English voiced edition of Katawa Shoujo in the works

Katawa Seiyu [] is a fan project to create a voiced-edition of Katawa Shoujo on youtube. It’s already got 4,572 subscribers and it’s been going on for 4 months (just that I hadn’t noticed it before, thanks to @MiroLaaksonen for tweeting me this). They’re not going to patch it into the game, instead they’re going to create a series of youtube videos.

FAQ: We are a group of fans brought together on the idea that voice acting for Katawa Shoujo would be a fun idea. We also wanted to make an artistic tribute to one of our favorite visual novels. We consist of actors, writers, editors, designers, and enthusiasts of Katawa Shoujo collaborating to make a YouTube series of people reading the narration and dialogue for this game similar to a “Let’s Play/Read!” with a strong emphasis on acting…. And yes, you will be able to make choices. [FAQ]

Katawa Shoujo is actually a creative commons no-derivatives license, but they’ve gotten the permission of the creators to do what they’re doing. So it’s basically the whole game, but on youtube.

Here’s a clip:

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11. What are you doing about the sex scenes?
The sex scenes are an essential part for most of the routes in Katawa Shoujo and we will not be altering the script for them or removing them in any way. However, Youtube is a family friendly site so depending on the level of graphic material depicted in the art we will either censor or crop out the characters naughty bits. For an example of this effect you can take a look at a video made by our video editor.

There is a facebook page as well: []


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11 years ago

Not bad c:

11 years ago

man hearing this makes me appreciate how difficult voice acting is, even with the script at hand. thanks for sharing.

11 years ago

Hisao sounds a little manlier than I imagined him. Rin’s voice could work, but I think there’s room for improvement.

I’m also not a van of the thought segments being voiced. It’s rare to even have the main lead be voiced, but if people are going to do it, don’t voice the thought parts.