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Loverable fan translation needs some people (hacker, QC, TL)

17602Loverable fan translation. Any takers? Standard moege by Smee, I never got far in this game but I hear it’s quite funny.

Blockhunt: Hello, straight to the topic. Loverable is just your usual classic style visual novel, so it’s quite easy to translate and hack (my opinion only). But now i like to translate it from scratch. So i need a hacker, proof reader, translator, editor, etc, to help me…..
Yeah basically i need all kinds of positions (single fighter is out of question man,already tried it before. Translator who use machine translation is fine too, but give it human touch first.
If anyone want to take on this task please PM or contact me at [email protected]
Hope for someone help me in this task. Thank you. [Original Thread]

Even if it’s poorman’s translations, it would still be better than machine translation. I don’t really recomment machine translation, those machines never make any sense to me so editing them would miss the meaning completely. You don’t need someone with perfect Japanese for a project like this imo.
Aside: I don’t agree that a no-translation is better than a poor-translation because if someone is desperate enough to play a poor-translation, it is not your place to tell them what they should and should not do with their time. While a machine translation is something that you can do using ITH + Atlas. So it’s of far lesser value.

Some Screenshots:
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11 years ago

People who are OK with poor translations are welcome to play them, but have you considered putting translation reviews on Fuwanovel? So that those who do value translation quality know that Ixrec’s Cross Channel is bad for instance. I’ve seen too many people play great games that got bad translations and then go around telling everyone the games themselves are awful and overrated.

Reply to  Anonymous
11 years ago

I hated the translation in Flyable Heart, but I loved the game :c

11 years ago

that’ll be a nice feature i wish i could get some1 to implement, but haven’t found any1 who has the time (i almost got someone at one point). it wouldnt be a translation review, it’s just general review.

11 years ago

“Translator who use machine translation is fine too”, erm, NO!

11 years ago

I have no problem with machine translations. What I do have problem with is trying to pass them as genuine human-translated work and (worse) made into a patch. That’s just trolling at that point.

11 years ago

“Machine translate okay”?

That’s like saying you want a proof reader who can’t read….

11 years ago

well, machine translator is only when no translator interested to take this project. I know how hard is it to give human touch to the translated text, because i already translate 43 lines of this game which ate quite a time.

11 years ago

Machine translation is fine, ONLY under the conditions that:
1. The translator (human operating the “machine”) is given the varying different ways the japanese can be translated, by the machine, that way they can make a conjecture how the sentence should be translated, and given to the QC/Editor.
2. The translator understands when japanese slang is being used or when other languages are put into the text (an example would be when a character who primarily uses japanese, starts saying some german words every now and then).
3. The translator can “hear” the emotions of the characters, and has a somewhat strong grasp on how the characters talk. This is important because of the different kinds of japanese dialect that some games give characters. One example would be Tsutomu Tachibana ( who uses a really really crappy kansai dialect.