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Oreimo PSP, English Youtube Translation Project Two Years In The Making

Oreimo PSP translation reddit thread: []

[–]Heartless1 9 points 9 hours ago
You sir, have done gods work. In my current financial position, I am unable to give the gold you deserve. But god damn it, I have watched all your videos throughout your channels progress and sometimes I wonder how insane I would be without my daily Oreimo fix. From the bottom of my heart Thank you. <3

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Ziddy’s youtube channel: []
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Perry Como
11 years ago

A mysterious message coming from nowhere…

11 years ago

I’m also grateful for them, because I don’t have (and probably won’t ever) a psp, and I don’t know japanese (yet, yet… e_e), but thanks to them I can watch oreimo as If I was playing it ;_;