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Play Narcissu on an Internet Browser [via Studio daoluong]

ss (2013-05-02 at 05.08.22) Someone got Narcissu working on a web browser! With full voice. That’s gotta kill your bandwidth. [Studio Daoluong]. I remember VDZ (?) did something like this a long time ago, except it was a bit buggy. This is a perfect web streamed version from the looks of it. (The other page ‘Quartett!!’, is only links)

Also does that look like it’s being hosted on a free


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11 years ago
11 years ago

It’s times like these that I am really glad that I have unlimited bandwidth!

11 years ago

I really hope someone translates the third game soon.

Reply to  hush-hush
11 years ago

Yeah, I really liked the story and new characters, I wish it was translated.

11 years ago

You are vietnamese, why you not make another using vietnamese
(đọc eng nhát lắm cụ ợ :v)

Reply to  Someone
11 years ago

ask someone in (chả quan tâm bản Việt của cái này vì có người khác dịch rồi)

11 years ago

Thanks, I’m looking at the code for it, and the comments seem to indicate that it uses Construct2, a free HTML engine I’ve never tried. It’s also pure HTML5 canvas unlike Deathspike’s CoffeeNovel and the Kanon browser I showed you last time which use stuff that make it faster.

It does also have support for mp4a and ogg vorbis audio codecs so it’ll work on most browser, though it doesn’t seem to like my tablet; probably the touch controls.

I also just downloaded the whole thing, because why not.