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Sukisho BL Game fan translation – looking for more translators

This is another game translation by aarinfantasy people. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!, or just Sukisho, is a year 2000 BL game for windows. The visual novel has THREE sequels and one fandisc and an anime and manga adaptation, so it would be good to see some of these available for English audiences. They’re interested in translating the whole series.

kazameltis: “Hello everyone! If you’re like any other BL fan then I’m sure you’ve heard of SukishoThere was a 13 episode anime of this and it ended too abruptly, So I think it is my mission to bring the full story of the series and bring many mysteries of the characters to an end!”

Current Team
Translators: Ringo-chan, Saplings
Editor & Proofreader: Ryechu
Hacker: binaryfail

Right now they need more translators or translation checkers. Please apply by emailing djongpoy (at) gmail (dot) com or replying at this thread: []
Fuwanovel page: []

Some Screenshots:


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