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Translation patch for Touhou 14 Trial reads latest translated text off a wiki

tumblr_inline_mnf8phQyfS1qz4rgpTranslation patch for Touhou 14 trial. [], which is all good and dandy, frankly I would have waited till Touhou 14 real game got fully subbed before blogging it… but it was something he wrote in the paragraph that got me interested.

vgperson: Translation patches can be sort of annoying. Once you release, it’s basically set in stone – even if you update to fix bad translations and the like, only a percentage of people are actually going to update.

But there are two parts to a translation, the hacking and the translation, and only one is really subject to change. So these guys decided they’d split them up.

All you have to do here (after a quick setup) is run the original game with a special shortcut, and it automatically reads the newest translations from their wiki and puts them in the game on the fly.

This greatly speeds up the patch-making process. The hackers just need to figure out how to hack the new game, get the text, and let the translators go at it. The in-game translations can easily be changed via the wiki with no action from the patch makers.

And while this is being advertised as a Touhou 14 thing, it will eventually cover all prior Touhou games and all future ones. Tell me that’s not cool.

Anyway, this has to do with me since I provided a large portion of the initial English translation for the 14 trial. Oh, but did I mention this makes it incredibly easy to have additional language translations, too? Did we even have those before?

TL;DR: Touhou patches are gonna be efficient as frick from now on. And with some luck,
it may end up going much further than just Touhou. [Original Post]

^ That’s pretty neat.


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