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Typemoon April Fools Joke Visual Novel Chapter 1 [via commiesubs]

Untitled-1  Commiesubs: “Last month, Typemoon released a parody VN on their website for April Fools’ Day. Sadly, it was taken down the following day, but not before some brave souls manage to snatch it from the jaws of oblivion (thank you, Miyabro from /a/). The VN consists of 13 chapters. As of now, only the first chapter is done. The rest will be updated at some undisclosed point in time. It’s already there but all in Japanese (for the time being).”

Visit Commie release page. (And keep checking back to get new chapter releases.)
And click here to play the game in your browser.


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11 years ago

oh my gosh this is fabulous XD Pokemon battle system