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Bamboo from Overdrive (Kira Kira, Deardrops) Starts Crowd Funder Aiming to Raise 25 Million Yen for Green Green Remake

OVERDRIVE the creators of Kira Kira and Deardrops are doing a remake of Green Green, originally by a company called GROOVER (now defunct). Bamboo was actually with GROOVER before it disbanded and reformed into Overdrive. [see Official Site]

He goes on to describe how it’s become hard to procure starting funds for development [on this page] so he wants to try a form of Crowd-Funding (クラウドファンディング)… and then he describes what crowdfunding is, citing, and the Japanese version crowd funder called <– first time i’ve heard of this.

Actually he’s doing it a bit differently because normally in crowd-funding, the project host gets paid only if it reaches the required amount. But for Green Green:
A) they’ll receive payments as the pledgers pledge, and
B) that even if the total does not reach the required amount they will still continue creating the game.
C) and because it’s an adult product, it’s against the ToS in current crowdfunder sites, so they were forced to do it on their own (on their own website?).

The crowd funder will start tomorrow on the 25th of June at 18:00 Tokyo time.

Selling points:
- Tachi-e and CG redrawn from scratch by Kataku Rashinji (Kira kira, dengeki strikers)
- HD Music
- All new user interface
- Compatible with windows 8

- All voices redone from scratch

- Iris Motion Graphic tech OP Video

- New OP & ED song by milktub

- Singer will be one of these: NANA/佐藤ひろ美/YURIA/AiRI/yozuca


Total estimated cost for the Green Green Remake will be 25,000,000 yen which is roughly USD$253,910. There’s a full breakdown of the different pledger categories and their rewards here on this page. For example, a 10,500yen contributor gets 1) the game, 2) soundtrack CD, 3) and a tokuten from the original release of Green Green of their choice. For USD$2000 you get a 1on1 tour of Asakusa (a suburb in Tokyo) with Bamboo. You get to visit his sound recording studio STUDIO696, and you get some special rare item. Limited to 5 only.

Anyways, it’s an interesting move and I’ll definitely keep an eye on its development. I am of course hoping that this gets funded even if it’s a game that I have no interest in. It’s the first crowd funder ever done by a Japanese eroge studio, but weakened by the fact that they can’t get it on a popular site like kickstarter. Hopefully they will allow contributions from overseas.


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10 years ago

Question is… if this is on KICKSTARTER will it have ENGRISH VERSION?

10 years ago

> because it’s an adult product, it’s against the ToS in current crowdfunder sites

Someone tell him about Offbeatr, its crowdfunding site created specifically for adult stuff and it successfully raised funds in order of mil USD for several projects.

10 years ago

but still needs a japanese language user interface and kickstarter has one i think

10 years ago

So the anime was an adaptation of the game lol. I didn’t know it was a game xD

Monkey ears all the way!

10 years ago

I can’t wait to play this… ITH couldn’t hook the original version, or the Kanenone Dynatic…

10 years ago

> Tachi-e and CG redrawn from scratch by Kataku Rashinji (Kira kira, dengeki strikers)
You should mention that “tachi-e” is what’s called “sprites” in VNs. And also Kataku Rashinji IS the original designer of the game.

10 years ago

Sounds really promising on my part. Really improved make over for the CG part. I hope it goes well.

10 years ago

Speaking of crowd funding, how’s that crowdfunded doujin localization thing going?

10 years ago

which one?

10 years ago

[…] the ”crowdfunder” that Bamboo (leader of Overdrive) started yesterday on the 25th (which I mentioned in this […]