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Eiyuu Senki coming to the PS3 and PS Vita September

Eiyuu Senki coming to the PS3 and PS Vita [] [Official Site]
This is the game where 70 historical figures in world history are redrawn as bishoujo and then they have to fight and conquer each other. A world-scale war simulator. The protag is a guy and he looks like Rance as well. There was a group translating the PC version of this game at one point, but they were DMCA’d by Tenko in May last year. Release date: 26th September 2013. There’s no new content in the PS3/Vita version apart from the reworked controls and probably a new tutorial.


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Himajin Breaker
11 years ago

Art by Oyari Ashito?

11 years ago

Hi Aaeru! Do you know the english patch for furuiro mekyuu rondo?