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Interview with weee (or raemz) one of the Katawa Shoujo artist (via nekotea)

hanako_billiards_seriousNekotea just posted an interview with weee (or raemz) who was one of the artists for Katawa Shoujo. Check out his/her pixiv / deviantART page. Very amazing art!

weee: Pixiv // DeviantART // WordPress // Twitter

Extract from the interview:

For guest illustrations, do you normally ask to be featured or do people approach you?
People approach me.

Which projects are you currently working on that you can share?
I don’t have any official projects I’m currently working on. I am doing a freelance project with a friend but it hasn’t gone anywhere since we’re both busy and we’re uncertain about our skills.

Are there any projects/ people that you’d like to work with in the future?
I’d love to work for more JP companies/people but my lack of Japanese makes it hard for me, so I feel really happy and honored when some people go out their way to speak English so they can contact me.

Click here for full interview.


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