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Juuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ Anime Adaptation Announced

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Anime adaptation of otome game called Juuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ which is like the otome version of the Sangoku story? The above trailer is actually for the upcoming sequel (anime announcement is at the end). VNDB entry for the first game here: [] By the way, there is a Boy’s Love visual novel called NO, THANK YOU!!! getting an anime adaptation that was announced last week.

^ Love the name lol.


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11 years ago

Oh yes finally some new BL anime is coming. I have been so waiting for something like this.

Reply to  kazameltis
10 years ago

me too!! ^^

Reply to  kazameltis
9 years ago

I love watching BL. I am almost done watching Love Stage! Can’t wait to watch No, Thank You!!!

11 years ago

is it bl or otome?

Reply to  Luz
11 years ago

Jyuza is otome, No thank you BL.

here’s the to the site of the first one (the first game, the 2nd one ist blank, except for that video.

11 years ago

Oh…great more yaoi

Jess nguyen
10 years ago

do you know the release date for juuzaengi the anime?