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Massive Pack of Infinity Series/KID Soundtracks

thumb_d_43816 (1) Kendjin just posted a COMPLETE pack of Kid OST and albums here: [] 14.1 GB of soundtracks! I see lots of vocal albums, full albums, OSTs from Ever17, I/O, 12riven, never7, etc, there’s one called Kid music museum….. there’s even the ever17 drama CD that ought to be translated honestly! Grab it here.
Btw they originated from here: [/] Thank the russians.


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11 years ago


11 years ago

Someone has done a translation of the drama CD here:

After You’ve Gone:

guy’s youtube account:

HOWEVER the author of the russian translation says that the above translation is not so good? Not sure, i don’t know russian and was using google translate to read that. Also, using google translate with the russian translation -> eng makes the drama cd pretty followable.

The russian translation uses standard kareoke files to display the words at the correct time:
“Karaoke files (LRC) created by means of the program MiniLyrics v.7.0.590
(Later v.7.1.793). As a player used foobar2000 v., assembly Rialto (later – the same assembly, but v.1.0). beauty and comfort of reading on otherplayers is not guaranteed.”

Reply to  drojf
11 years ago


thanx. and from gundamace too

10 years ago

This is quite the collection, but I am kinda concerned that the files appear to be single flacs. Not separated by tracks? Even the soundtracks? 😡