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Visual Novel Reader Machine-Voice Lines that are Unvoiced

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Bit busy atm so I’ll just do sporadic updates on the blog. But above video is visual novel reader with machine voiced lines. He demonstrated voiced Chinese and voiced Japanese. You can even make the male lines voiced by a male voice. Actually voiced lines in the game are not voiced by the machine. [] *thx jichi*

The game is koi to senkyo to chocolate. it’s being translated.


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10 years ago

Nice : D

10 years ago

COOOLLL!!! :)))

10 years ago

Well you need to have commercial voice packs first which seems to be hard to find on the internet for free…. from here the HARUKA voice sounds like the more anime-like one.

btw aint VNR suposed to inject text directly into the game and replace it? why am I seeing a overlay instead?

Reply to  ohyaa
10 years ago

To inject the text, you’re supposed to “install” it, though I don’t know how. The current VNR site is under construction so I assume jichi is trying to fix that.

10 years ago

Now this is awesome… I never thought it’s possible for the program to make difference between voiced, and unvoiced lines, I’ll be sure to check this out, and use it if it’s working so nicely with all VN 🙂