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Your Diary Consumer Port to PSP Announced

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^ Your Diary PSP Port. I like how Siliconera picked it up. It’s almost irrelevant to their audience that a visual novel no one has played or will ever play is being ported to a platform that no one plays on. Actually it’s barely relevant to this blog either (but i like to link to pretty pictures). Apparently there is a fan translation for this at which is the craneanime forums: "common route fully translated, 11/19 scripts translated for Yua’s route, 1/10 scrpts translated of Kanade’s route" [Homepage]

Some Screenshots:

EV_A02_01 EV_A04_01 EV_A08_01 EV_B01_02 EV_B04_01 EV_C06_02 EV_C12 EV_D01_02 EV_D06_02 EV_D07_02


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10 years ago

how do i port these games into psp?

10 years ago

no idea.
i think it might be easier to just wait for the commercial ppl to port it for you?

10 years ago

Based Kantoku. Is there anything he can’t do!?

10 years ago

The art style reminds me of Henneko. Is it the same artist?

10 years ago

There’s a lot of people who plays on the PSP, iss just that the real good games for PSP stays in japan

But anyway, is this an eroge?

10 years ago

Well the original your diary is eroge.
but the PSP port is not

10 years ago

well you the the game folder with the eboot. into PSP/game