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AIR Translation 100% Complete! Editing In Progress. Beta Patch next few days (via Gao Gao Translations)

2013-07-31 16_09_33-air hinoue itaru kamio misuzu _ - Anime Wallpapers
UPDATE 6:16pm:
[18:01] <*******> we’ll release it in these few days. but it’s a beta1 patch with 100% tl’d script with about 60% new scripts, 40% old
[18:02] <*******> just a disclaimer because some of the old scripts look pretty bad and we haven’t touched them
^ old scripts are those left off by the old project (from enterthewired) and need a lot of work.

 Air translation is 100% complete! What?? you ask. Well this has nothing to do with Sheeta’s project, this is a separate Air translation by Aozaki and team. Aozaki explains:

th_AozakiAoko1 “Hello everyone! Aozaki here, project leader of the AIR translation team for Gao Gao Translations. Some people may remember me as that guy who was going to translate Air back in December while others may have no clue who I am.
Well! Let me fill you in. I have kept track of the Air Translation projects since its release back in September 2000. I watched a lot of translator groups pick it up and drop it. The retranslation cycle remained unbroken, with each group choosing to drop the existing translation and start from scratch, or choosing to rework the already-translated scripts, before they fall off the surface of the Internet. In November of 2012, I was done waiting. I set out to do it myself. Thanks to Cecilthedarkknight, d_fallen_god, and cowteats this dream of mine was made reality. Working off of a previous group’s work (EnterTheWired) we spent days upon weeks to months filling in the blanks. Now, as of July 31 2013. We are ready to make our first patch release. Look for it to be released in the next couple days! Please read the patch notes below.” [original post]
– Aozaki

The beta patch is the FULL translation of the game, except without complete edits and QC. It will come out in the next few days so please keep a watch on this site: []

PATCH NOTES 1.02013-07-31 16_31_03-air05.jpg (340×260)
Translation 100% (60% new scripts, 40% old scripts)

-Original scripts were taken from EnterTheWired (about 50% of the whole game)
-Minagi route and Air Arc translated from scratch
-Kano route reworked
-Blanks in Misuzu route and Summer Arc filled in
-Editing in progress

Photoshoping 80%
-All in game text has been replaced.
-Menus and Options have been translated

Future work
-Completely rework the remaining old scripts – Misuzu route, Summer Arc, Main route.
-Complete all photoshop
-Editing, QC, debug

Next tentative release (beta2)
-CG Menu to be translated.
-rework Misuzu route and last day of Main route

Update from Aozaki: this is for the full voice version on PC, which means even the protagonist is voiced! 100% voiced.


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All Hail VN's
10 years ago

I am confused, but nvm that. A faster patch the better. I’ve been waiting years to read this title by Key…..

10 years ago


10 years ago


Reply to  Pirkaf
10 years ago

This was my first reaction when I saw this. So glad my Air game from my old computer stopped working, now that I found this out! Can’t wait to try it out, big thanks to the curse breaking team!

10 years ago

omg hopefully i get to save Misuzu here unlike in the anime.

Reply to  Igniz
10 years ago

Sry to burst yer bubble, but you don’t.

10 years ago

What?? Oh nvm you already answered to my question. Well time to get everything ready I quess

10 years ago

OMG! this Visual Novel has literally been cursed in terms of fan translations but it’s finally coming!

10 years ago

it’s really late.. but well done :v ..

10 years ago

Huh?! Wait…but… *goes to check VNTL status tracker*.. it’s only a little over 50%. How did this… *shrugs*.. oh well, I’m not gonna complain. This is great news, and a hell of a surprise. I watched the anime years ago. I’m glad I’ll finally be able to play the game now. Thanks Gao Gao Translations for all your hard work.

Reply to  Hyosuke
10 years ago

well this one was running in secret due to C&D in the past

10 years ago

So, does that mean Sheeta has been wasting her time aimlessly :-(?

Reply to  Nier
10 years ago

not necessarily, there might be two different markets
it might be worth doing a poll… (but it’s a sensitive topic)

Reply to  Nier
10 years ago

Would you say fansub groups are a waste of time now that we have crunchy-roll?

Reply to  Nier
10 years ago

What do you mean? My question was obvious, having two different translation of a VN is a waste of time and resources, you cant compare a VN to animes…

10 years ago

WOW! Finally a full translation, even if it’s still a beta =D
Thx very much, Gao Gao Translations!

10 years ago

Wooohooo, another work of key that has been translated, can’t wait for it

10 years ago

Wow that’s a surprise..guess I can’t complain, it’ll make it a hell of a lot easier than trudging through it using ITH and translation aggregator

10 years ago

If a very large chunk of that “complete patch” is still content from that old, basically machine translated patch (and that summary implies that it is), I’m not interested yet : P. It’s pretty bad, trust me. Don’t really care what they intend or don’t intend to do with that part in the future – I’m going to wait.

Anybody who has read the CLANNAD patch knows the pain of reading a VN that’s decently translated in some places and horribly in others and doesn’t have anybody who wants to edit it (save, apparently, though who knows when they’ll finish that…).

I’m not biased one way or another because I really do want to read this VN and am too lazy to use my decent Japanese reading skills on a game that has an in-progress translation, but as it stands they aren’t really much farther than Sheeta is (and they’re way behind her if you count editing as progress, like I do).

10 years ago

Wow…talk about ninja translation announcement.

10 years ago

I wonder if this will cover the memorial all ages release?

10 years ago

[…] announcement traveled through the vine to Aaeru’s news blog, a post of which eventually reached Sheeta (@Sheeta_Su), the current translator for AIR building off of […]

10 years ago

What about Mac users, such as myself? I have desperately bee wanting to read the original visual novel even before the anime was dubbed….